Samurai Champloo season 2

Samurai Champloo Season 2 – What’s next?

Samurai Champloo Season 1 was produced many years ago. Will a season 2 with new episodes follow at some point?

There are few anime that convey a message similar to that of Samurai Champloo. Along with Cowboy Bebop, the series is one of director Shinichiro Watanabe’s most famous works and is considered one of the greatest classics of its time. Anyone who has followed the story knows exactly why this is so. Following travelers Mugen, Jin and Fuu, there are a lot of funny, exciting, and emotional things happening. Meanwhile, Samurai Champloo isn’t afraid to take the quirk of the story to the next level.

Samurai Champloo: season 2 is not necessarySamurai Champloo season 2

The anime was produced in 2004 by production studio Manglobe and consists of 26 episodes each lasting 23 minutes. Although the series is quite old, fans continue to wonder about a second season. Will the story continue at some point?

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Even though the producers themselves have never ruled out another season of Samurai Champloo, there’s a good chance the series is over. The end of Season 1 made it possible to complete the plot and answer all the unanswered questions. Thus, it is not necessary to have a second season to conclude the story of the characters Mugen, Jin and Fuu.

Likewise, the fact that the anime has not been continued since 2005 already reinforces this hypothesis. It is more than unusual for a series to be picked up after so many years. Only an OVA or something similar could make another appearance in the market. But once director Watanabe finishes one of his works, he usually lets it sit. This will probably also be the case for Samourai Champloo.

If you like the crazy samurai story and want to look for a similar anime, you are spoiled for choice. Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, and Afro Samurai all resemble the series in one way or another and make a similar impression when watching. If you want to watch the first season of Samurai Champloo streaming, you can get what you pay for on Amazon Prime Video.


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