Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your house. They shield you and your family from the sun, ice, hail, rain, as well as debris and branches. Unfortunately, they also get worn out depending on the exposure to elements such as UV and moisture. For instance, ultraviolet rays from the sun cause chemical changes in asphalt. These alterations can trigger deterioration in asphalt shingles. However, with timely inspections and proper roof maintenance, you can help lengthen your roof’s lifespan and prevent costly repairs or early replacement of your entire roof. Here are a few maintenance tips to help keep your roof in great condition.

Inspect Your Shingles Every Season

The summer and winter seasons bring different challenges to your roof. That’s why it’s essential to perform a thorough inspection of your shingles and other roofing materials each season. Check for signs of damage or excessive wear. If you notice any missing or cracked shingle, hire a roofing professional to inspect the rest of the roof to ensure no damage goes unrepaired. Don’t ignore small cracks on your shingles, especially at the beginning of a season. Cracks can get bigger, which weakens the shingles.

Check for Leaks in the Ceilings and Attic

Leaking is one of the main signs that you have a roofing problem inside your home. A leaking roof can be disastrous, especially during the winter season. If ignored, leaks can cause serious damage to the roof walls and floor. Some of the signs of a leaking roof include:

  • Spots on your exterior walls
  • Musty odors in some rooms
  • Water stains on your ceiling
  • Bulging patches on your interior walls
  • Dents the floor

Hire a Professional to Inspect Your Roof

Inspecting a roof yourself is not only dangerous but also not helpful, especially if you don’t have a checklist. Instead, hire a certified roofing company to inspect the roof for you. Most roofing companies have experience in different types of roofs. They can spot problems that you might have missed in your initial inspection. They also provide valuable maintenance tips to keep your roof in good shape and increase its lifespan. If you’re not sure how long your roof is likely to last, a roofing professional can provide you with an estimate. Most roofers recommend roof inspections every two years.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trim any branches that appear to touch your roof. Low hanging branches can scratch and break the roof’s outer protective layer. If the abrasion is too serious, water can seep through the underlying membrane. Larger branches can push and move tiles or shingles, loosening them up, and over time the shingles can detach from their primary location. During the rainy season, branches scan, snap, and fall on your roof. The impact can crack or cause serious dents on your roofing system.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

Like any other part of your home, the roof needs regular cleaning once in a while. When doing so, you might spot roofing problems and address them before they become too serious and costly. The best seasons to clean roofs are Spring and Autumn. Clean all debris, algae, moss, lichen, and anything that could potentially lead to roof damage.

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