Questions to ask your wedding photographer

The rapport you have with your wedding photographer is as important as their professional photography skills, as you want to feel as relaxed as possible in your photographer’s company to capture natural photographs. Asking your photographer questions builds on your existing rapport. Your photographer will be grateful for your transparency and will be able to provide you with greater clarity.

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One note about their style: go with it. It is what they do best. That being said, don’t be afraid to say what you want!

Here are some important questions to ask your photographer.

What do you include in your price package?

Make sure your photographer confirms whether proofs, albums and prints are included. It is also worth checking whether they include any engagement and pre-wedding shoots such as you getting ready and having your hair styled at a Gloucester Hairdressers such as

Will you be shooting in digital or on film, or both?

Digital prints provide a flexible shooting experience. There is a bit of an old-school film renaissance happening at the moment, which is great but bear in mind processing delays and extra cost.

Do you prefer shooting in a mixture of black and white and colour? If so, what is the approximate mix percentage?

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Most photographers will do a mixture. This question is also an opportunity for you to discover more about their style.

Do you work to a shot list, or do you like to capture the day as it unfolds?

Photographers are grateful for a brief shot list because it gives them a clear idea of the photographs you expect. Keep the list simple.

Are you going to be the photographer at my wedding?

Clarity is everything.

Are you familiar with my wedding venue?

Any photographer worth their salt will want to solve and be aware of any lighting requirements before the big day.

Do you allow me to post images from the wedding?

Check out their copyrighting fine print before you discover you are not permitted to post any of your wedding photos to your friends and family online.

Once you have found a photographer who understands what you expect, all you have to do is relax and let them use their professional eye to record meaningful memories and moments from your big day.

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