how to wear a pocket watch

how to wear a pocket watch

Ever since the wristwatch was introduced to our society, the pocket watch has become a kind of curiosity or rarity. At some point a symbol of wealth, the pocket watch is now a symbol of class. Whether gold or silver, plain or engraved, a pocket watch should be worn with its chain and fob, which is easier than it sounds if you know how to do it.

How to use the watch chain and watch straphow to wear a pocket watch

Step 1how to wear a pocket watch

Attach the chain to the watch and the fob to the chain. The fob is simply a decoration that hangs on the chain and can be anything you want. Common choices include perforated coins, small medals, and other trinkets.

Step 2

Decide whether you will wear your pocket watch in a vest (the preferred choice), or in the pants pockets. Depending on which pocket you will be carrying the watch in, you may need a different connection to the end of the chain. A vest chain has a small bar that goes through a buttonhole, while the pocket chain has a ring or clip that attaches to the belt or one of the belt hooks. For the best results, it would be nice to have both kinds of chains on hand, so you can always wear your watch.

Step 3

To wear the watch in a pocket on a vest, place the bar at the end of the chain through the center buttonhole. Once the vest is buttoned, holding the watch in place, keep your watch in the pocket opposite your most-used hand. You should be able to check the time when signing your name.

Step 4

To wear the watch in a pants pocket, clip the ring or clip that goes on the belt in the pocket opposite your most-used hand. Make sure the chain stays loose enough for the lectins to be seen, but not too loose for it to snag as you walk.

Step 5

Examine how the chain and Leontine hang and adjust if necessary. Hold the chain and use it to pull your watch, or just to make sure it doesn’t catch on anything. Replace your watch, and then continue with your normal activities.


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