How To Season A Humidor in Easy Way

If you’re the same as me and you bought a humidifier with a new cigar band without doing much research on humidifier extensions, then don’t be afraid. We make sure that you are at the right place. In this article, you have step-by-step instructions on how to start the humidifier easily. The best part is that it only takes up the things that you have around the house. Before we start a discussion about how to season a humidor in an easy way, let’s start with the basic information of acrylic cigar humidor. This information will help you to understand the need and importance of seasoning a humidor in your life.

Why Do You Have To Season A Humidor?

The use of a cigar humidifier is the first step towards the protection of cigar investments. Complete and comprehensive humidification of cigars is important to protect cigars from excessive drying or mold growth. With the season a humidor you can keep your cigar collection in any old box. You can smoke it for more than one to two weeks or even months. In this way, you can not only smoke fresh cigars but also preserve them for a long time.

All cigar humidors come with a single feature that is a Spanish cedar tree. This wood spreads the inside of your humidor because it retains moisture while giving it a woody scent. Seasoning your humidifier means that you prepare the wood so that it does not absorb all the moisture from your cigars and keep them fresh.

Basically, tobacco in your cigars contains oil, and it is this oil that gives them flavor. When you moisturize, you will keep the oil so that it stays mature and retains the flavor intended by the cigar manufacturer.

In short, if you have a plan to buy more than 5 to 10 cigars at a time, then you need a cigar humidor that will be a great investment. It will help you to maintain a collection and keep your cigars fresh. This is where the cigar humidifier is properly prepared!

What do I need for the season a Humidor?

There are countless proven ways to season a cigar humidor. You may have seen many of these ways on different cigars Humidor discussion forums, but we want to share the reliable and simplest as well as the most important products.

The easiest way to improve your cigar moisturizer is distilled water. Distilled water is extremely important because it does not contain any chemical compounds that could damage your cigars. For example, your tap water may contain some contaminants that you can safely drink, but you don’t always want these contaminants to be in contact with the wood in your humidifier for months or years, especially with a cigar.

How long does a humidifier season take?

It will take at least 3-5 days to make a cigar humidifier properly. However, it really depends on the size of your humidifier. The environment in which the humidifier will be stored is also matters. Make sure your humidifier has enough time to absorb the same amount of moisture as the Spanish cedar tree.

In this article, you learn how to season a humidor in the easiest way. The key ingredient is patience, which is often difficult when you are ready to start jumping on the first head of a cigar. However, if you have patience during the moisturizer season, you can avoid many headaches and ensure that you and your cigar friends enjoy the cigars as best they can.

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