How to Make a Stunning Entrance Hall in Your Home

Homeowners often wonder about how to make a stunning entrance hall in their homes. There are so many possible designs for an entryway, ranging from simple and traditional to extravagant and contemporary designs. Regardless of the design chosen, the primary concern is to create a warm welcome for your guests. In order to accomplish this, you must use lighting that not only illuminates the area, but also creates a romantic and calming effect. Many designers have gone as far as including chandeliers, mirrors, and lamps with their designs to create the perfect entrance way. For details of Marble Tiles, visit

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When you think of how to make a stunning entrance hall in your home, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a large staircase. Another option for an impressive entrance is to use glass panels for your front door. These panels can be hand painted or stained in any colour to match your home’s decor. Adding glass panels to your front door will allow your guests to see the interior of your home. If you decide to do this, make sure you include details in your glass panel designs such as adding decorative brackets and hand-carved wood detailing.

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Another way to create an appealing entrance hall is to utilize mirrors. Mirrors can be placed anywhere in your home to add a sense of space or height. Placing mirrors in areas such as the foyer, hallway, and dining room will not only reflect light, but it will also create a sense of depth and distance in your home.


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