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How to encourage your employees to up their game

Surviving in business is never that easy as new entrepreneurs think. You can have fancy modern tools and standard systems, but without encouraging your employees to work extra hard, you won’t get any far. However, sometimes, employees can feel bored, unappreciated, and unhappy with the working environment. It is important to check on your workers constantly.

Remember, a happy employee contributes to high productivity. Well, motivating employees is not an overnight job. It is a process that requires patience and hard work. Then, how do you encourage employees to up their game? Check out the below ways on how to increase their consistent performance.

Team building activities during meetings

Ensuring your employees interact once in a while is vital. This is one of the ways your employee will feel better around their co-workers. Though most organizations can’t organize team-building games, be different and make it a routine.

Game activities may take part of the company’s time, but your employees will have time to interact, relax and have fun. It will be easy to evaluate some stressful issues during meetings like this. This will encourage them to work harder.


Every human loves recognition for any good work done. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or career achievement. As a manager, don’t always go for monetary rewards as you can contemplate how to surprise your workers uniquely. It does speak volumes to your employees when you have gone the extra mile to give Custom trophies for their remarkable achievements. Always give credit where it is due.

Positive communication

Communication is an essential factor when managing a team of employees. Show them that you care and value their work. All your employees should feel comfortable when approaching you. Taking some time with your workers is an advantage if you want to know some issues they are going through. Through this, you’ll have insights into how they are faring. Solving challenging problems will motivate them to up their game during work.

Be a mentor

If your employees find it hard to up their game, it’s because of the leader. They may not have the courage to improve their performance. As a leader, you must be keen on operating within the company. There is no way an employee will work hard without seeing your work and your tone for the organization. Increase the mentality of working extra hard by proving it yourself. Set a good example of consistent work.

Be empathetic

Some employers tend to use strict reinforcement to drive results. This has never worked. You should work on practicing empathy. Create a healthy environment if you want your workers to deliver. It is good to be supportive by ensuring your employees are comfortable with how you treat them. Increase the relationship, and you’ll love the results.

Check on their health

Do you need happy employees? Check on their health. Their consistent work will be evident in the company’s revenue. Ensure you encourage them with healthy snacks and smoke-free breaks outside their offices at least twice a day. Also, motivate them to register for gym sessions.

Practice transparency

When running a company, transparency is essential for credibility and trust. It would help if you pushed this to your employees. They should never doubt you about the company’s information. Do not allow them to think of the worst, but give the correct information all the time. Share figures regarding revenue or loss and avoid sugarcoating numbers if you need productive employees.

Being ahead of your competitors requires determination and sacrifice. Apart from purchasing modern tools and installing current systems, invest in your employees. The above seven ways of encouraging your employees can boost your company’s productivity. Be close to your employee and be positive about their thinking.

As a motivator in your workplace, you must make encouraging adjustments to know what perfectly works for your employees. Though companies are different, it is crucial to identify what works for you. First, get to know your company individuals, and they will work for the benefit of your company. It is a worthy investment to have employees who enjoy working within your company.

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