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How to delete Blizzard account without ID

Blizzard is an online-based gaming platform where gamers can interact with each other. For this, it is a famous platform for gamer. But blizzard faces several problems like Boycott Blizzard. Once a gamer support Hong Kong and blizzard authority ban his account and then many gamers leave blizzard.

By the by you need a blizzard account without an account you can’t access here and If anyone wants to delete his/her account there is also an option to do this.

How to create a blizzard account

Creating a new Blizzard account isn’t a big task. So don’t worry, now you can open your Blizzard account with just by few clicks and type

  1. Open any browser
  2. Write on the search box and tap enter
  3. Blizzard homepage open and now click on My Account located top right side
  4. A dropdown menu appears with two options a. Account settings and b. Create free account
  5. Click on the create free account
  6. Now you see that you can open an account by Facebook, Google or fill up the box
  7. If you don’t choose Facebook or google then fill up your information
  8. First your country name (it will be filled up automatically)
  9. Type your date of birth according to format then press on Continue
  10. Now type your first name upper text box and last name lower text box
  11. Press Continue
  12. Now type your valid mail address and phone number ( phone number is optional)
  13. Press Continue
  14. Check the all-check boxes and press continue
  15. Enter a strong password (combination of latter, number, symbol, etc.)
  16. Press Continue
  17. Type your battle tag or you can randomize
  18. Press Continue
  19. Now check your email box and see there is a Blizzard email
  20. Open the mail and click on the link
  21. Now type your email and password then press login

Thus, you can create an account now enjoy your blizzard account with various types of games.

N.B: You can change your battle tag once for free.

How to delete Blizzard account

If you want to want to delete a blizzard account for this you have to follow a procedure. Otherwise, your personal information can remain or your account doesn’t delete permanently. Deleting the Blizzard account means you clear all your information from the account and this personal information is so sensitive. Here we will describe to you how to delete Blizzard account. So you can delete your personal information from permanently.

  1. Open any browser where you feel comfort
  2. Type and press enter and if you don’t log in then login into your account
  3. Blizzard home page appears
  4. Now click on the support which is located right side upper
  5. After clicking on the support, a new page opens with a search box
  6. This search box is located under the “What can we help you with?”
  7. Now type “Delete my account” and press enter for search
  8. There will many search results appear
  9. Just find out the “Delete Account” and click on it
  10. There is a description about account and read while you read it you will find “Click here” and press on it
  11. Now another page will be open and scroll down it
  12. There is a check box, now check it if you don’t check the box then the Proceed button won’t be activated
  13. Click on the Proceed button
  14. Blizzard send you a verification to your account email address
  15. Just copy the code or memories code
  16. Now paste or type the code
  17. After typing the code the submit button will be activated and click on the Submit button

N.B: The account deleting process takes 30 days to remove your personal information from the account and once your account is deleted then you can’t recover it.


What is my Blizzard account name?

BattleTag is your Blizzard account name and this is not a unique name you can change it if you want. For this, you don’t have to face a critical situation. And only one time you can change it for free.

How do I recover my lost Blizzard account?

If you lost your email address so you can’t log in to your blizzard account. Then you can try it by phone number. For this, you have to then contact us and submit a request to recover your account by phone number. They will send you a verification code. Use this code to recover your account.


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