How to cure fever

How to cure fever: all you need to know to fight it and avoid it

To treat the flu intelligently, it is necessary to dispel the false myths that revolve around it, first of all, the fact that antibiotics are indispensable for fighting a fever. Rather: take care of your diet. Space for herbal teas and chamomile.


The cold has arrived and the flu also begins to enter our homes. Cough, sore throat, cold and other ailments are on the agenda but how can we avoid them? According to estimates, the flu is affecting half a million Italians. On average, 140,000 people are infected per week. Many of them resort to antibiotics and other drugs. However, in many cases, it is possible to cure ailments with simple natural remedies, within everyone’s reach.


When we are affected, normally, we turn to the doctor or pharmacist for advice on the drug that allows us to recover as soon as possible. The drugs, however, are not always the best solution to our ills, indeed. For this, we can resort to ten healthy habits that can help us treat the flu without side effects. They help our body respond to flu symptoms and respond to external attacks. They are within everyone’s reach and do not require any special prescription or visit.

  • I rest. We do not necessarily have to stay in bed but slow down our rhythms, postpone our commitments and do not stress us. The stress, in fact, reduces our immune system, delaying healing.
  • Take care of feeding. Neglecting it means weakening our body of vitamins and necessary caloric intake. The immune system needs nutrients in order to better fight viruses.
  • Cover up what you need. When the fever is rising, we need to cover ourselves as much as possible to keep the chills at bay. However, when the body is cheating, we must avoid covering ourselves too much to allow sweat to evaporate.
  • Honey and lemon. We can fight it even without syrup. If the cough is oily, we can drink a glass of lemon juice with the addition of two teaspoons of honey.
  • Avoid cold strokes. We only let our room air out when we are not there. Cold air could worsen the situation so be careful even when we close the windows.
  • Drink warm milk. It is a good habit and unlike what many believe, mucus production does not increase, on the contrary. It gives us relief from sore throats and helps us fight the feeling of cold.
  • Eating pasta in broth. Researchers from the University of Nebraska have found that broth decreases the activity of neutrophils, the immune system cells responsible for mucus production, limiting inflammation.
  • Hydrate. Drinking little is bad for your health, even more so when we are affected. Natural water, at room temperature, herbal teas and chamomile are preferable. Hydration is even more important if we have a fever because it helps the body to perform its functions at best. If you need a faster method of hydrating your body, your doctor may prescribe you to get Myer’s cocktail IV, which is an all-in-one infusion of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that work together to aid in hydration levels, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.
  • Warm cherry pits. The flu can cause pain in the muscles and joints. A good natural remedy is to use pads filled with cherry stones, to be heated and applied to the painful areas of the body. They will give us immediate relief.
  • Water and vinegar packs. If you have a slight alteration, before the body temperature reaches 38 degrees, we can wet tissue with a solution of fresh water and vinegar. Placing it on the forehead, on the wrists and on the hollow of the wrists, it will give us relief by lowering the body temperature.
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