Powerful foods that kill bacteria and strengthen your defenses

In addition to the vitamins that some foods can provide, others have antiseptic. And antibiotic properties that you may not know. Adding them to your diet can help keep your defenses strong. You can add them to your dishes, juices and even make them in water.

Here we leave you a list of powerful foods that kill bacteria and strengthen your defenses.

Jamaica Powerful foods that kill bacteria

Simple jamaica water is capable of killing up to 900 bacteria, Javier Castro Rosas. A scientist at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo has dedicated 15 years of research in using this plant as a natural antibiotic. The jamaica plant is rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Stimulates the activity of the immune system, as well as being a very powerful antiseptic.

GarlicPowerful foods that kill bacteria

Garlic is also a natural antibiotic, it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese. It has been used as a bactericide since ancient times and the best thing is that it can not only be eaten. But can also be spread on the skin. Garlic improves blood circulation, helps purify toxins and reduces cholesterol, as well as being a great helper for colds and lung conditions.

GingerPowerful foods that kill bacteria

This root is one of the most used auxiliaries to combat colds and potentiate food, it is rich in vitamin CYB. In addition to containing minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and chromium. It also has a strong amount of amino acids. Adding it to your diet has many benefits. It is normally used to reinforce defenses and in infusion as an auxiliary in respiratory diseases.

Coriander Powerful foods that kill bacteria

Coriander is a natural antiseptic, it is rich in vitamin C and K is so powerful that its oil is capable of killing salmonella bacteria, among other strains. It is mostly used as a salad ingredient, it can also be added to juices and it has cosmetic uses.

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