How does work experience help my child?

In the UK, schools allow children to gain a couple of weeks’ worth of work experience to help them get an idea of the working world. It will typically be the first time they can gain this experience. This usually takes place in Year 10.

According to Tafecourses, around 75% of participants who undertake work experience have said that it has provided them with new skills and opportunities and has helped them with their self- confidence. Work experience can be the start of discovering the career path a child wants to take in life.

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So, what does a Year 10 do in work experience? They complete the experience to gain insight into a particular type of career and to gain exposure to the working world and culture. It can also help them to establish a professional skill set to help them in future jobs. The experience is also a good way to help develop the necessary skills and mindset needed for particular jobs and can also look great on a first time CV. It is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of a profession a child may be interested in and can also allow them to establish which qualifications they may need to pursue their particular career.

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A few ideas of where work experience can take place are in Gloucester Estate Agency companies, which can be found here:, charity stores and volunteer centres (which can also be rewarding), or a local youth club where they can also assist the community.

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