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Holistic Drug Rehab – Features and Amenities

Alcohol and drug addictions are one of the curses of modern society. It negatively affects the person abusing and has adverse effects on the family and friends as well. As far as the individual is concerned, changes in behavior and appearance follow mental and physical health degradation. However, statistical reports suggest that only one out of ten addicted individuals enroll under professional care to get rid of the addiction.

Traditionally, the rehab centers include various medical, behavioral, and psychological evaluations and interventions. There are individual counseling sessions, group activities, and substitute medications that reduce the cravings and the associated withdrawal symptoms. There is an overwhelming number of cases where professional rehab care has worked wonders. But it is not fool-proof.

It has resulted in developing and integrating various alternate rehab and therapy approaches to curb addiction and related problems – known as holistic rehabilitation. Holistic addiction treatment considers the emotional needs, spiritual aspects, and physical and medical needs. Therefore, the treatment extends beyond the reaches of just the visible symptoms.

Here are the features you should look for when searching for holistic drug rehab near you.

The personal approach

One of the critical features of a holistic rehab program is that the mind, body, and spirit treatment is exceptionally essential for helping an individual fight addiction. It is the whole person approach, something that is missing from traditional rehab approaches. Holistic treatment also considers your personal narrative and devises the perfect regimen to cure your body and mind for quicker and better integration into society.

Go holistic to beat stress

The holistic treatment provides the most natural platform when it comes to effective stress release. The better you get at relieving stress from your system, the better adept you are at preventing relapse. Stress is the most common trigger and a powerful demotivator when it comes to substance abuse problems. With a holistic approach, you can better maintain your state of sobriety even with the daily workloads and set-backs.

The long term benefits

The one thing that every individual is looking to gain from a rehab stint is the sobriety’s permanency. That means you need to avoid a relapse. Yes, the traditional rehab method is successful. It does prevent relapse quite a fair amount, but experts can guarantee absolute long-term benefits with little chances of relapse with a holistic approach. The holistic approach consists of effective mindfulness practice and training regimen, which means you can better deal with various temptations out there in the real world. Some studies compare the rates of relapses between the traditional and the holistic approach, and the later does indeed fare well compared to the former.

Now, let us have a look at some of the long-term benefits of holistic rehabilitation therapy.

  • Sleep improvement
  • Healthy food habits
  • Stress management and relief
  • Exercise regimen and the ability to follow the schedule
  • Reduced cravings and control over temptations

Cost-effectiveness of the treatment

Treating substance abuse doesn’t come cheap. The high cost is one of the predominant factors that compel patients to avoid the process. However, holistic rehab programs are cost-effective, and often you can maintain personalized programs at low costs for the patient and the families. The rehab program includes mind training through yoga, healthy eating habits, exercises that improve overall health. You can follow up on your treatment by continuing these regimens completely free of cost from the comfort of your home.

Holistic treatment offers the best environment

The rehab environment plays a vital role in the motivation of a recovering individual. That is why it is critical to choose the right one for your treatment. Keep in mind that most holistic rehab centers are run by treatment experts and specialists. So that means you will get the best possible care for you or a loved one. You will be in a safe and secure environment, which will allow you to find your true self on the way towards a complete recovery.

A variety of treatment options

As stated previously, every individual is different – so is their addiction history. Therefore, it is needless to say that the road to recovery will be different as well. Holistic rehabilitation therapy includes various forms of treatment that include the traditional modes of counseling and medication. It is not just about your personal history but also your age, drug type, and addiction duration. With the holistic approach, you can rest assured that they will cover all the bases.

If you feel there is a sort of stigma associated with a rehab stint, let us assure you that it is a small price to pay to get full control over your life and be a success story. There are several treatment centers that can work with you to make you feel better and enjoy life.

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