Helping Those Struggling With Addiction

For those who have friends or loved ones dealing with addiction, you may feel powerless to help or stop the destruction. While it is true that you can`t force someone to come out of addiction or seek treatment, you can improve their chances of dealing with the disease by offering your support and introducing the Confidant Health app if they do not have the luxury of time to visit a clinic or shy about it. There are unique situations for each individual, but there are some general guidelines that may help you reach your family member or friend.

Gain Their Trust

While you may not feel like you can trust the addicted person because of their choices and decisions, it is important for you to let them trust you. By lecturing, criticizing, or nagging, you run the risk of turning them away. Don`t call them names, humiliate them, or berate them for their choices. Find a way to love and support them through this struggle.

Prepare to Wait

Addiction isn`t cured overnight, even if your loved one ends up in drug recovery housing Gaithersburg MD. You need to be prepared for the long and difficult journey that accompanies the fight against addiction. You can`t just commit when it is easy. You must be willing to show support and encouragement through the rough moments and times when it is hard. Know that the journey requires patience. This may mean working on your own attitude and expectations before getting involved with the addict.

Find Your Voice

You can`t sit back and watch your friend or family member ruin their life. You do need to speak up and voice your concerns. You need to be able to communicate honestly, but you can`t be threatening or hostile when you try to speak truth or concern into their life. You can`t force them to change, and you can`t use your voice to convey that you are going to try and make them different.

It is difficult to deal with addition, for both those who are caught it in and those who are watching. Remembering the potential and the relationship can help you address your friend or loved one, and always find a way to get them help.

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