Business Travelers

10 Tips For Harried Business Travelers

1. Carry some emergency cash

Don’t rely on your check card – there may not be an ATM close by.

2. Don’t forget the charger for your cell phone

The last thing you need is a dead phone just when you need to make that important call.

3. Don’t pack all your business cards.

Keep some cards within easy reach – you never know when you might meet a good contact.

4. Carry a pen and something to write on.

A good idea can strike at any time.

5. If you’re 50+, carry spare reading glasses.

You do not want to have to ask your client to read the menu to you!

6. Take a small zip pouch or sturdy envelope.

Perfect for keeping all those business receipts in one place.

7. Review the size of your carry-on luggage.

Don’t lose time because your carry-on ends up being checked.

8. Have a sense of the general location of your final destination.

Unless you’re in London, don’t count on the cab driver to quickly find the address.

9. Don’t schedule appointments too close together.

You don’t want to rush a client in order to get to your next appointment.

10. Get your coffee before you get on the plane.

The coffee served on board is rarely drinkable!

Sit back, relax, enjoy the trip!

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