Good Reasons To Give Your Car A Name

Naming a car is a delightful thing to do. It’s quite common, even if it can make your car feel unique.

In 2018, it was reported that over a quarter of motorists named their cars, with 87% of that survey’s respondents claiming they’d also bought private number plates to match the name they chose. Pessimistic individuals might believe that naming a car is immature, but most people who did this were aged between 55 and 64.

It’s hard to believe this situation has completely reversed in the years since. Though people are being forced to give up their cars, most people are only doing so out of necessity to cut their spending. The yearning for cars may continue to grow, as might the sentiment around them.

If you still have your car, then you should know that there are many reasons to give it a name. Read on after the jump for our take.

Inspiring a Personal Number Plate

As mentioned before, many people who name their cars also buy themselves a matching number plate. If you’ve always yearned for one, then the naming of your car is the perfect occasion to look into your options.

Of course, you might not be able to feature the name exactly. However, creative substitutes should be available, allowing you to mix and match letters and numbers until you find a combination that swaps a letter for a number or abbreviates the name.

DVLA-registered number plate provider Click4Reg allow you to search for desired number plates to your heart’s content. You can browse by any letters and numbers you enter, or you can go through their catalogue in boy and girl name categories. They also offer flexible payment options, so you can comfortably secure the number plate you need.

It’s a shame to be the only one who knows your car’s name. However, with personalised number plates, everyone can know, and you can make things official with pride. It’s also a great way to have some fun with something usually rather formal and strict, giving your vehicle a bit of personality in that respect.

Finding the Car More Easily

Private number plates have to be wholly unique by law. Therefore, deciding on a name for your vehicle can lead to further benefits in your life.

Remember, it’s quite common for people to forget where they’ve parked. It’s a daily occurrence, but these situations miraculously make the news today in some circumstances. Still, you can avoid being named and shamed in the media if you have private number plates that advertise the location and identity of your vehicle.

After all, personalised number plates are bound to stand out in a sea of vehicles, even if similar makes and models of cars are nearby. There’ll be no room for doubt, and you can be proud of your naming decision as you find your way back to it quickly and capably. You may not be drawn into disagreements with friends and family about where you parked, either.

Nurturing Familiarity

Every car feels different. A name can celebrate the vehicle’s soul and help you become familiar with it faster.

Sometimes names for the car can be chosen quickly. You might want a name that references the colour of your vehicle’s paintwork with options like Ruby or Scarlett. Alternatively, you can go a more creative route with pop culture puns and references, such as by calling a Mini Cooper Alice.

Not immediately giving your vehicle a name is a valid approach too. Once you’ve purchased it, drive it for a time and get used to it, finding out all you can to inform the name of your choice. Smaller cars with nifty handling might receive a cutesy name like Lola, while larger ones may be given a stronger one like The Beast, reaffirming their big and bulky design.

Whether your decisions are fast or slow, there can be a sense of personal expression in naming something. Moreover, adapting to a new car can take time, but if you’ve given it the right name, everything might fall into place sooner. The name can be the cherry on the cake during your car ownership.

Establishing a Legacy

Some cars are passed down through families or to loved ones. Those on the receiving end aren’t always completely thrilled about these arrangements but often see them through out of necessity.

That said, if you’ve named the car, this type of exchange can have a bit of added meaning. It can feel more personal and important. There’ll be a sense of legacy, passing the torch from yourself to the next person. The car’s next owner should respect that and consider their tenure with the vehicle an honour.

The car’s name can provide assurances and ease tensions during these times too. After all, if you’ve bothered to name the car, it’s a good indicator that you cherished the vehicle and took good care of it during your run together. Ultimately, a car’s name potentially says good things about the vehicle’s history, future, and owner.

Adapting/Continuing Naming Traditions

Boats have long received names throughout history and are often called ‘she’. If these traditions are good enough for one mode of transport, why not another?

Not all ships have been given titles like ‘HMS Invincible’ either. After all, National Museums Liverpool has noted many unusual boat names through the years, such as Lancashire Witch No.7 and Empire Ken. The British public also voted extensively for a £200 million research vessel to be named Boaty McBoatface.

There’s a precedent for having fun naming inanimate objects. While some miserable people might scoff and turn up their noses, you’ll be far from alone in naming your car. Take inspiration from elsewhere (though perhaps avoid Carry McCarface) and know that you’re following a long line of creative and historical naming practices.

Letting People Know You’re Fun

The world can be a bleak and miserable place. Though naming a car has practical benefits, there’s also an element of silly fun at play. That should be celebrated.

Naming your car informs others that you’re not without a sense of humour. It can also highlight your affection for your belongings and that you are someone who prizes possessions in a wholesome fashion. These are all great traits that you shouldn’t shy away from.

The name may also bring levity. If you’re struggling to find your car, questioning ‘Where’s Norman?’ might draw a chuckle. Should your vehicle make a strange noise on the road, exclaiming, ‘not now, Gertrude!’ may prompt some laughter when pulling into a layby. Otherwise, irritating situations can be made just a little bit lighter, and that’s meaningful.

The name of your car can say something about your charisma. Even if naming a car seems inherently silly to another person, they should at least admire your commitment to the joke. In the end, it helps to not take life so seriously sometimes.


Car enthusiasts often consider their vehicles to be an extension of themselves. Naming a car can charmingly complement that notion. It can help you express your creativity in a way that shows your lighthearted nature, builds your and others’ comfort with a vehicle, and can even lead to installing useful accessories like private number plates. Ultimately, your car is an important part of your life, and a name is certainly justified.

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