Try if Your Toilet Gets Clogged

Four Things You Can Try if Your Toilet Gets Clogged

Nothing is quite as annoying as having your toilet clogged up. It can be especially irritating if you have an important event planned shortly. These are some things you can try to get your toilet unclogged as quickly as possible:

Try Your Plunger

The first step to trying to free a clog is to use the plunger you already have. Ensure that you cover the entire drain hole of the toilet so that the suction works when you work the plunger up and down. Apply enough pressure so that the plunger will push the clog when you push and suction the clog when you pull upward. This works for a large percentage of clogs.

You may have to jostle the plunger around a little bit, but you should get the clog free. Try to plunge and flush at the same time, but be careful if the toilet looks like it’s going to overflow. If those tactics fail, you can try using a more expensive plunger that might have a little bit more power for you.

See if Water Dumping Works

Water dumping is another strategy that may help somewhat. What you need to do is fill up a large bucket with as much water as possible. Then, you can take that bucket of water and dump it in the toilet. This will cause some action in the toilet that might release the clog for you. You can follow up with some plunging action to put more power behind your actions as well.

Try Some Chemicals

You can try the chemical method, too. You can find an assortment of harsh chemicals that may burn their way through the clog. Use the chemicals as directed, and be sure not to get any of them in your eyes or nose. Make sure that the bathroom area is well ventilated to ensure that you’re okay. The chemical method may or may not work. It depends on what item is causing the clog. It’s still worth trying for the little bit of money you’ll have to spend on the chemicals.

Contact a Plumber ASAP

If all else fails, you’ll need the assistance the best plumber Denver has to offer. This individual will come to your home and help you. Plumbers have powerful equipment such as snakes that they can use to get down to the toilet areas and drains that you cannot reach with a mere plunger. Take a few minutes to compare plumbers so that you find one who’s affordable and offers a variety of services. You’ll be glad you reached out when it’s all said and done because the plumber will resolve your problem and save the day.

Contact a Reliable Plumber

Don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber if all of your tactics seem to fail. This specialist can visit your home right away to check the issue. You might even get lucky and get hold of an emergency plumber who has 24-7 services. You can solve your problems long before your important event comes up.

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