Some famous Bristolians. A few might come as a surprise.

Whilst it might be seen as a large port and comedians often use the Bristolian accent as a point to make jokes from, the city of Bristol is actually one of the most prestigious producers of talent in this country. Many of the stars of small and big screen plus the stage have cut their teeth in the city of their birth. Let’s have look at the who’s who of Bristol talent. One of the best ways to watch these stars is to make sure that TV Aerial Installation Bristol companies are available to service your needs. If you are looking For tv aerial installations in Bristol go to and you will start to get crystal clear vision on your screen.

  1. Archibald Leech. Who? Well that’s not the name that you’d now him by as its his birth name. This is the real name of Cary Grant the debonair Hollywood A lister of his day. He moved to the USA very young but was born in Bristol. He went on to make exceptional films such as “North by Northwest” and “An affair to Remember”. He is famous for the following story. Grants age was a closely guarded secret and a reporter thought they would try a novel and direct approach to find out. The report sent a telegram saying “How old Cary Grant?”. The reply came duly back “Old Cary Grant fine. How you?”.
  2. Well he might be from Bristol no one is really sure. I mean, he’s never really been revealed although there are rumours that he is one of Massive Attack, also from Bristol, but let’s just go with the rumour that he is from Bristol.

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  1. A good part of the cast of Game of Thrones. It may be filmed in Northern Ireland, but Bristol has provided the show with 3 main characters. The first is Jacob Anderson who plays Grey Worm Captain of the Unsullied. The next is Hannah Murray better known as Gilly the not supposed to be love interest of Samwell Tarly and finally there is Maisie Williams who is that tiny but powerful assassin extraordinaire Arya Stark.
  2. Russell Howard. The west country comedian is never afraid to play on his Bristol roots.
  3. James May. The only truly intelligent one in the old Top Gear gang the Bristol born ageing playboy is in good company as Ben Collins, the original Stig, is also from Bristol.

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  1. Stephen Merchant. The friend and ally of Ricky Gervais he started out his career working the night clubs of Bristol.

There are plenty more. Harry Potter author J K Rowling was born in Yate up the road, comedy Royalty John Cleese was born in Weston Super Mare which is practically in Bristol. There is also a Star Wars link as Darth Vader comes from Bristol or at least Dave Prowse who played him does. Imagine that, Darth Vader with a Bristol accent…

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