Exploring the Different Kinds of Excavator Attachments

You see them on the side of the road and on the backs of trailers. They are used to move things that are impossible for a man to move. They are durable and strong to the point that they can operate in some of the harshest conditions. They even come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. An excavator is an amazing piece of equipment. But the one thing you might not be aware of is that there are a lot of excavator attachments that can be used for a lot of different jobs.

The Attachment That an Excavator Can Utilize

Excavators are able to dig, load, backfill, spread material and move extremely heavy objects. But none of those things are possible if the machine does not have the right attachment for the job. Here is a list of attachments that you can use with your excavator.

  • One of the more important attachments is the auger. This piece is used to dig deep holes for polls and other objects that need to have their foundations deep within the ground.
  • Buckets are another important attachment. These buckets can include trenching type buckets and bailing buckets. One thing is certain and that is a bucket can be used for a lot of different jobs.
  • A compactor can be attached to compact the ground or dirt in a specific area.
  • You can also attach a coupler piece in order to make swapping out other attachments easier. A coupler makes life simple and saves time when it is time to use another tool.
  • Hammers are great for breaking things up. Once the building is torn down the excavator can be used to break up the concrete and even separate out different materials for recycling or reuse.
  • Multi-Processors are used in wooded areas to make life simple. Sometimes they can be used to remove trees and other objects to other equipment can be moved into a specific area.
  • Rakes can be attached to brush an area or to clean it all up. These are widely used by road crews that are cleaning up concrete before traffic can drive over the area once again.
  • Rippers are used for breaking up the concrete so it is easier to remove.
  • Thumbs makes the excavator act like a hand as they can pick things up between its fingers.

These attachments are vital to the operation of an excavator. They make the job site a more pleasant place to work and they help make life easier.  

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