Eight Scientific Reasons for Proving Less Appealing

An individual never chooses their parents, nor do they pick the gene combinations responsible for making them appear as they do. However, not everyone understands this, and you can get people researching on the best essay help on possible ways of undergoing surgery to rectify some of their physical features. But what other alternatives can you consider to enhance your appeal?

Science through studies has come up with possible reasons that can make you unattractive. It resulted in a study subject because of the amount of attention and impact it has on the general world population. So what do you do that makes you unattractive?

Scientific Reasons for Becoming Unattractive

  • Sleep deprivation. Depriving yourself with sufficient sleep can cause puffy eyes, and this will make you less attractive. Research backs this claim where a Swedish study demonstrated people to perceive those deprived of sleep as less attractive, more tired, and less healthy. The study used participants who had their shots immediately after waking up from eight hours of sleep, and another shot after a brief sleeping spell at night. The respondents rated the well-rested individuals as more appealing.
  • Insufficient water uptake. Water has diverse uses and benefits in our bodies. You can stay in excellent shape, get rid of skin allergies, flush out toxins, besides getting radiant and healthy-looking skin by drinking enough water daily.
  • Insufficient smiley faces. Everyone has a bad day at some point in their lives, but you have to smile occasionally during those days too. Research shows that smiling makes you more appealing to other individuals.  So avoid getting serious or grumpy to attract attention from other people.
  • Stress can entail part and parcel of life, and sometimes, you cannot help but get stressed. However, stress impacts your emotions and can project to your skin by producing cortisol and adrenaline. Such a hormone leads to deterioration of the skin, making it dry and wrinkly. Further, you can console yourself with the fact that skin cells regenerate every day, however, such a process slows as someone gets older.
  • Poor posture. A poor posture will always communicate about your I-don’t-care attitude. In as much as it can prove okay for your rock star look, someone like a potential partner can find it unattractive. It portrays a lack of joy in life besides exhaustion and not caring at all. You have to change this to attract love and a potential life partner.
  • A lazy look can prove less attractive, according to studies conducted before. The reason can lie in the fact that most lazy people abhor working out, and will consequently end up getting shapeless. Additionally, it can have a psychological inclination where a lazy individual hates working hard, and in turn, leads a boring life leading to no one wanting a part of that boring life.
  • Smelling bad. A lot of things factor in when it comes to attraction. It never only relies on the visible things, but other attributes as well. Smell ranks among the attractive but invisible aspects of attraction. Individuals can get attracted by your scent (natural and synthetic). So try to smell great to increase your appeal factor, especially to the opposite gender.
  • Bad temper. Many, if not everyone, likes positive vibes and joy around them, and as a result, will get attracted to people who can make them laugh. So regardless of your physical looks, having a poor temper can prove a kill-joy and therefore drive your friends away. Further, joy proves contagious, and so do bad moods, therefore try and improve on your temperament to enhance your appeal.


Scientists have gotten fascinated by the whims and laws that govern attraction, besides the determinants that make some people more attractive than others. It can prove useful to consider the scientifically explained factors in enhancing your appeal to others. Thereafter, all you have to do entails implementing every aspect to achieve maximum results.

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