Cook Islands

Cook Islands: Travel to paradise on the other side of the world

Today we tell you about our trip to the Cook Islands, a trip to the other side of the world, in New Zealand Polynesia: fifteen atolls and a cocktail of tradition, hospitality and perfect climate.

The welcome we received as soon as we landed in the Cook Islands was: “Welcome to Paradise” followed closely by a necklace of frangipani flowers and one of the sweetest greetings, in our opinion, that we have ever heard: “Kia Orana” which translated takes on a meaning “like you can live a full life for a long time”.

Where is Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands are located in the southern Pacific Ocean, south of the equator. They are part of New Zealand Polynesia and are an archipelago of 15 small islands whose total area is 240 km² and the maritime area is approximately 2.2 million km². Can you imagine how small they are compared to the ocean?

When to go?

The rainy season runs from December to March so the best time to go is undoubtedly the one that corresponds to our summer-autumn. Consider that Rarotonga is an island where the weather changes rapidly even during this period. We stayed in August and for a couple of days the weather was cloudy.

The interesting thing is that often if the weather is bad in one part of the island, in the part, it is sunny and vice versa therefore it will only be a matter of choosing the right destination, also for this reason we advise you to have a means of transport self.

The minimum temperatures of the Cook Islands never drop below 18°C and vary from 25°C in August to 30°C in February. The climate is tropical and even in the rainiest months the sun never fails. It is paradise from every point of view there is no doubt!

Living cost

Speaking of Polynesia, many people think of French Polynesia but New Zealand Polynesia has nothing to envy in terms of beauty and landscapes.

In addition, the Cook Islands have much more affordable prices and offer a wide range of accommodation at all economic levels. What impressed us most is the welcome of the people that I have not personally found in French Polynesia where most tourists live a resort holiday dedicated to the sea and beaches.

Flights to Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are connected by air flights to New Zealand, Australia, French Polynesia and the United States. The airlines that have flights to Rarotonga airport are Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti, Jetstar Airways and Virgin Australia.

Internal flights are managed by Air Rarotonga, which connects the island of the same name to Aitutaki, Aitiu, Manihiki, Mauke, Mangaia, Mitiaro, Penrhyn, Pukapuka.

Cook Islands airport

There are two airports in the Cook Islands (Avarua and Avatiu) and 6 small airports but the main airport on which most international flights arrive is Rarotonga. To get to Aiututaki most travelers stop on the Main Island and then fly to the beautiful lagoon.

Travel tips

If you are planning a trip to the Cook Islands, we advise you to have a good travel insurance. No special vaccinations are required for a trip to these beautiful islands.

The WiFi is present on the island but it is paid practically everywhere, even in the accommodation and in the restaurants (unless you are staying in a resort but we always advise you to check before leaving). Arrived at the airport we recommend you to buy a WiFi package that will allow you to connect anywhere even if the connection will not always be the best. Remember that you are on the other side of the world, deepen it to do some digital detox and enjoy paradise.

Well travelers, you are ready to go, say hello to paradise, we have just returned but we already miss a lot.

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