How to cleaning the face with activated charcoal: Step by Step Instruction

In the preparation of home cosmetic means, in carrying out an independent procedure, there are certain nuances and secrets, the observance and knowledge of which can increase their effectiveness at times. Not an exception and a miracle mask for a face with activated charcoal, which can transform your appearance when properly applied. A lot of effort and time, such a skin cleansing you do not take away, but the result is uniquely happy.

  • Deciding to treat the skin with activated charcoal, consider that the mask based on these tablets is very unaesthetic on the face (it is black). Therefore, it is better not to accept guests and open the door to the bell at these times. It is better to lie down, relax, but do not fall asleep (the recommended time for the action of the mask must be sure to withstand to avoid unpleasant consequences).
  • Do not use expired activated carbon for this procedure, lying in your medicine cabinet for years. It costs quite inexpensively, so better stock up on fresh tablets to be sure of their quality and effectiveness. Old, stale coal even grind will be difficult enough. Keep reading
  • The tablets of coal are easily crumbled, so to turn those into a powder, on the basis of which you will prepare a mask, simply mix them with something.
  • Allergic reactions to activated charcoal are extremely rare, but in order not to risk this composition is recommended to be checked beforehand by applying a mask to your wrist. At this point, the skin is very thin and sensitive: it must react to the allergen present in the mask, rash, redness, burning sensation. If there is nothing like that, the remedy can be applied to the face safely.
  • Before using activated charcoal skin care, aspirate face with a steam bath with the addition of medicinal herbs (chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort). This will help the pores to maximize and take useful substances from the mask in greater volume and to a sufficient depth.
  • To blend the mixture easily on the skin, it must be carefully kneaded, beaten, so as not to form lumps.
  • Apply the mask either with a special brush or with fingertips on the massage lines. You can process the prepared mixture all over the face, or you can only the problem area (for example, the nose and chin, which are often dotted with black dots).
  • The time of action is not more than 10 minutes, otherwise, the activated charcoal will penetrate into the skin so that it will be difficult to get rid of the earthy shade.
  • To treat the inflamed skin and get rid of black spots, make a mask with activated charcoal once every 7 days for six weeks (one and a half months). After this, be sure to take a break of the same duration and again you can clean the skin in such an original way.
  • After removing the mask with the help of warm water, apply a nourishing cream on the skin, the effect of which after such a procedure will be maximum.
  • Do not go outside for an hour after you wash off the mask.

Regularly using activated charcoal to cleanse the face in accordance with these tips, you will be able to provide the cells with full, free breathing, resulting in a clean, beautiful, healthy skin.

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