The Pandemic and the Rise in Demand for Delivery Drivers in the UK

There have been many reports and headlines about the need for workers in the UK – from the HGV driver shortage to the lack of doctors and nurses. This is something that affects many sectors of industry. Something else that has seen a rise in demand is the delivery service for domestic customers.

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During the first lockdown in the UK, back in 2020, people were unable to go to shops for many items, and online shopping soared. Websites started to have queues of people waiting to use them, as demand was so great the site would crash if everyone was on there at once. This of course then meant that delivery drivers were in high demand, as delivering goods to the home was in many cases, the only option.

Courier companies such as this same day courier Slough experienced a lot of demand for their services as people wanted goods moved around the country where options for travel were reduced. Of course, these companies also had to take care that the health consequences of the pandemic did not have an impact on their staff, so despite the fact that they could work, many changes had to be made to normal operations to ensure that staff were kept safe and that the deliveries could be made whilst observing the strict lockdown rules.

Additional costs also would have been incurred for many companies, as they would have needed to invest in things such as PPE in order to keep staff safe, as well as things like safety screens, and of course in the workplaces and warehouses themselves, they would have also needed to ensure that there was the correct safety equipment to keep workers as safe as possible.

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Meetings and management were also affected in many courier companies, as they were unable to meet face to face. Fortunately, thanks to video calling, many meetings could go ahead via the internet, but this was challenging to implement for many during a time when there was already a lot of additional demand being placed on the transport companies.

Despite the fact that shops are now back open, many people who were new to online shopping in the pandemic continued to use it, so the demand for delivery drivers is as high as ever.

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