How to Decide Which Walking Aid is Right For You

To choose the right walking aid, it’s important to understand how the device works. There are many different features to consider, including comfort, ease of use, and your upper-body strength. The wrong aid can aggravate your problem. Ask a trained healthcare professional for advice. A rise and recline armchair may also be useful. These devices help you to adjust to a new walking profile. They can support your weight and prevent you from falling.

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When selecting a walking aid, make sure it fits correctly. You should ask a professional to fit you for one, and check the rubber tips frequently. If they’re too loose, you might end up using the device incorrectly, or even worse, hurting yourself. A walking aid that fits properly is essential for improving your quality of life. Physical therapists offer hands-on care and education to help patients improve their independence. They recommend the appropriate walking aids based on the user’s needs and the layout of their home. Find advice on Mobility Aids at a site such as

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Before buying a walking aid, be sure to measure your height and width. Also, determine where you’ll use the device. Do you need it for outdoor or indoor use? If you’re going to use it frequently, consider a model with folding features and ergonomic handles. You’ll want a walking aid that can support at least 15 percent of your total body weight. However, a walking aid that doesn’t support your entire body can cause further problems in the long run.


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