Amazing Health Benefits of Rugby

You might be surprised to know that rugby offers a wealth of health benefits. If you think it’s all about dealing with injuries, then think again. While all sports have a positive impact on health, rugby does specifically in that it covers such a wide range of physical activities. A game consists of distance running, changes in tempo, aerobic and anaerobic exercise and resistance to build muscle. No other sport offers so much in terms of a variety of exercises. It really is a sport the whole body with the following benefits:

Heart health

Aerobic-type exercise is great for your cardiovascular system. There are many such activities in rugby, as a player runs, tackles and throws the ball. This helps to get the heart and lungs functioning better, providing long-term health benefits and makes exercise easier in the future. Research has shown that those who regularly play rugby have a lower pulse rate.

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Millions of people in the UK have diabetes, many of these have type 2 which can be affected by lifestyle choices. Strenuous activities such as rugby have shown a positive impact on how the metabolism responds to insulin, making it far less likely to suffer from age-related diabetes.

Weight management

Rugby is known for sudden bursts of energy, followed by a calmer period. This type of exercise is known as high intensity interval training. The main benefit of this type of activity is its effect on belly fat. When you combine HIIT with a calorie-controlled diet, evidence shows a definite tendency to reduce overall body fat.

Muscle strength

Many rugby training sessions are focused on having great explosive power to make the sprint. It is the perfect activity to reduce body fat and develop muscles. When you factor in the tackling and scrum elements of the game as well, you get the perfect and complete body work-out. Add something new to your training with Rugby Drills from a site like

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Reducing inflammation

There are many health conditions in which inflammation plays a part, such as arthritis, for example. Many types of exercise can help decrease the chance of suffering from an inflammatory condition of cartilage, keeping us fit and healthy longer. Rugby is very good for reducing the chances of suffering in the future, as seen in studies where participants engage in 40 minutes of rugby every day for 7 days. The result is that scientists agree rugby helps to regulate glucose disposal and inflammatory cytokines.

Better mood

Sports has long been known for its mood-lifting qualities. The release of endorphins gives you a buzz after exercise which helps to lower stress, anxiety and depression. Sport is also said to enhance creativity, critical thinking and improve concentration levels.

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