What is a Rehabilitation Carer

Caring roles are, as we have certainly seen over the past eighteen months, some of the most important and rewarding jobs in society. Like these care jobs Gloucester at Take Five Healthcare, there are a wide variety of roles within the care sector. Each come with their own challenges and rewarding moments.

One of these is the role of a rehabilitation worker. This can cover many areas, and any age – from a person who has suffered a head injury and brain damage that needs to be supported whilst getting back into their life, to someone who has had a fall and suffered physical damage, that needs to re-build their strength so that they can resume their lives – the job is a varied one.

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To be a rehabilitation carer, there are some skills that you should have. Being caring and compassionate of course, as well as being observant and a good communicator. Often the situations will be emotional, and people will be vulnerable and upset, so it is important that you are aware of that, and it is something that you are able to deal with in a caring and professional manner.

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With caring roles, it is not necessary to have formal qualifications to enter the job. In most cases, the far more important thing to have is the right attitude, personality and skills to be able to deal with the situation. There are qualifications that you can take if you want to work your way up in the sector.


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