What is Faith?

Faith is an important component of our relationship with God or Gods, depending on which religion we believe in. Without it, religious conviction is impossible. For instance, we need faith that traffic lights are red and that other drivers will stop for them. We also need faith in other people. We need faith that the pilot flying our plane is experienced and competent. We also need faith to believe in a higher power although we cannot see, hear or touch this power.

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Those with religious faith often celebrate these beliefs together in the form of events or festivals which occur at or around the same time every year. One example is the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah. For a range of Rosh hashanah cards, go to cazenovejudaica.com/uk/cards/rosh-hashanah

The dictionary defines faith as “a firm conviction in something or someone.” Faith is not a leap of faith but rather a confident assurance that something will happen or something exists. In the Christian world, faith is essential for salvation. It is God’s gift to us. The Bible states that we have “faith to believe in Jesus.” Faith is an essential foundation for any religious denomination.

Faith is a confident trust in God’s Word and promise. We believe that God can do the impossible if we believe in his Word and trust in His timing. Faith is recognising that God will do what is best for us and for his glory.

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Some people have a deep faith in a particular organised religion, while others are agnostic which means they believe there is some higher power or supernatural entity but can’t commit to what that might be or don’t wish to define it in human terms.

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