Record Breaking Lights

If you are spending time trying to choose the right lighting for the rooms in your home, then spare a thought for these record setters who had to work hard to provide world record beating illuminations!

Most lights in a sound and light show

November 2018 in China, a light show was projected onto the side of a mountain, bridges, buildings and other parts surrounding the River Ou. It was a cultural event organised by Beijing Landsky Environmental Technology and it used 707,667 different lights to achieve its impressive display.

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Most residential property lights

The Gay family of the USA hold this world record for having 601,736 lights outside their home in November 2014. Can you imagine what their energy bill must be like? They broke their own previous record by nearly double in 2014. Thankfully, most of us only have a few lights to think about. When you next buy lighting, don’t forget a Ceiling Rose to match. Find one at

Most lights on a Christmas tree

This world record belongs to a company in Belgium who in December 2010 managed to hang a whopping 194,672 lights onto a Christmas tree in Malmedy, Belgium. Now that was one glowing tree!

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Most LED lights on a car

In 2020, Global Village of the United Arab Emirates successfully achieved a stunning 37,671 LED lights onto one of their stunt cars. It took 8 hours to install the lights but they now have a world record for their hard work.

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