Tile and Flooring Options – Just a Matter of Personal Taste

It’s easy to be swayed by the beautiful flooring we see in our local showrooms HGTV, but practically, we need to be sure that our flooring makes sense for our family and will last for years. For that reason, before buying, think about your home’s traffic flow. Consider the level of humidity or moisture the room has and if it needs to be child friendly. Also consider how much upkeep you’re willing to do. The varieties of attractive flooring choices include marble tiles, stone, wood, bamboo, and laminates.

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Brand-new materials keep being developed, adding choices that are even more practical for the homeowner considering beautiful floors. Busy mums have enough on their plates without adding undue upkeep, but tile and stone flooring is easy to clean. With just water and quick cleaning with ammonia-free cleaners, mums can have results without undue work. Stone flooring is more porous than marble or porcelain and spills like red wine could mean extra care steps, but upkeep instructions will be easy.

Porcelain tile is water resilient, simple to keep spotless and doesn’t need waxing, sealing, or polishing. Porcelain is priced higher than tile, but less than stone like slate. Porcelain tile durability falls mid-range between stone and tile. New interlocking tiles make it more durable and easier to lay.

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Bamboo flooring is catching up with hardwoods because of the green factor and being an environmentally responsible choice. This is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, so resources and supplies are plentiful. Bamboo has a great look, is easy to clean, and eco-friendly, and easy to install. Hardwoods are still king of the hill with many variations in all price ranges. From wide plank hardwoods to laminate wood-like materials, the choices vary. Engineered wood flooring with substructure and interlocking planks, is a great middle-cost choice. The stain, design laid, and width of planks, change the look to match the style of your home and décor.

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