6 Ways to Create a More Modern Home

Contemporary homes can be classy, eye-catching, and comfortable all at the same time. The designs and styles of modern homes are becoming increasingly popular, with many people gaining inspiration online and offline for how they want their places to look. There are many things you can do to achieve the modern look you want in your home. We’ll consider some of the ways you can adapt your home to create the perfect modern place to live.

1.     Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter

One of the main features of modern designs is minimalism which, in part, encourages people to tidy up their homes and get rid of clutter as they go. Redesigning your home can be an ideal opportunity to throw away things you no longer need or want and create more space for any new items. Try to keep any clutter behind closed doors or in storage units so you can still achieve a clean, clutter-free look when it’s out of sight. If you don’t have a lot of space, look at how you can make the most of the space you do have and invest in larger storage units that offer more flexibility for storage options. If you have a garage or other storage space, utilize this to help keep the rest of the home as clutter-free as possible.

2.     Change the Lighting

Arguably one of the most important features of the home is lighting, which can make a huge difference to the whole appearance. From the lighting inside your home to the lights outside, there are many options to choose from and lots of factors to consider.

Bright lights might work better in your kitchen or any rooms which don’t receive a lot of natural sunlight. Other rooms such as the living room might benefit from dimmer lights which can help create a more relaxing ambience in the evenings. For the rooms where you want to have the option of both, invest in mood lighting and features which allow you to control the light settings throughout the day.

3.     Check Out Modern Accessories

While you’re busy thinking about the larger items of furniture for your home, it’s easy to forget about the smaller accessories too. Whether you’re looking to buy a whole new set of bathroom accessories that match or some brand new essentials for your kitchen, you can use these to make your home look more modern.

Explore items that you might never have considered, such as a new set of ceramic plates and dishes, or a Fellow kettle. These top of the range kettles have many modern features including Bluetooth connectivity and temperature controls, making it easy to add a contemporary edge to your home without a complete overhaul.

4.     Add a Splash of Color

Achieving that modern house look can take time, but some simple things can quickly transform a room. If you’re using a plain color theme in a room of the home, adding some color can immediately bring it to life while still looking very modern. The addition of large plants in a room is one of the most popular things people do to add some color, while cushions and other furnishings with a pop of color can help to achieve the same bright look. Family photographs or works of art displayed in the room can create a softer look but be careful to keep these to a minimum in order to avoid seeming cluttered.

5.     Repaint the Home

Your home might look a bit dated simply because you haven’t repainted in a while. Discolored or marked walls can quickly make a home look unwelcoming, while a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. If your home currently has a lot of different colors on the walls, choose one color throughout to help create a clean and modern look. White paint is one of the most popular choices for modern homes, with any additional colors used sparingly on specific parts of the room such as doors and window frames.

6.     Install Up-to-date Features

Creating a modern home isn’t all about the way it looks. You can also consider home features such as an upgraded thermostat and other temperature controls, automated lights and heating, or a security system. These features can make your home more modern as well as feeling more comfortable and secure. Upgrading the features of your home can also make it easier to sell and get a higher price for your home.

Making your home look more modern is a process that takes time but there are many quick things you can do too. Prioritizing what you want to change about your home can be helpful in deciding where to start. Consider every aspect of your home, from the accessories in your kitchen to the security systems that can help keep your home safer.

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