Different types of wool

Wool fibres are categorised by the animal that produces the wool, the way the fibres are produced or the design they are used for. Wool is most commonly used from sheep but other wool includes that of the alpaca, goats, camels and other sheep breeds. Wool is woven or knitted to make fabric that we use everyday in our clothing.

Sheep’s wool is the most common and comes from the domesticated sheep that is older than 7 months of age. Different sheep breeds produce wool of different quality and grades. It is most commonly used to make clothing thanks to its warmth and elasticity.

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Merino wool is lambswool from Merino sheep. It has a very fine fibre so is used to make clothing that is super soft and warm. For more information on womens irish sweaters, take a look at Shamrock Gift who sell a range of womens irish sweaters.

Alpaca wool is lighter and more silky than sheep’s wool. It generally requires a lining when used for garments as it can feel quite scratchy against the skin.

Mohair is made from the wool of Angora goats raised in South Africa, Turkey and America. It is both hairier and fluffier than sheep’s wool. Tailored suits and jackets can be made from mohair and when it is knitted, it makes very soft sweaters.

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Camel’s wool comes from the two humped camels. It is a high quality and very fine fibre that also offers an attractive sheen. It is most commonly used to make beautifully tailored coats.

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