Will strouds New Year 2022 celebrations be as good as 2020

Accountants in Stroud were invited to a New Year’s party held by the mayor to thank them for their work in the city. Other professionals from different industries were also invited. A few selected volunteers in the city were also invited so hey could be given awards for their contribution to the city. The party was successful and had good catering which provided people with a selection of meat based, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. The food looked spectacular and the desert were photographed and shared by many people on social media. The event was held in a town hall and decorated using lots of lighting. Small gifts were given to each person that attended. They consisted of small candles and bags of sweets.

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There was live music at the event which included both classical and modern music. The classical music was played by an experienced pianist and two violinists who impressed all the attendants. After the classical music was played, a local DJ played some popular pop and R&B songs. The music was well received, and many people danced before the countdown. The countdown activated fireworks which amazed everyone in the area. The party lasted for another hour after the fireworks and everyone safely left the premises.

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