Carpets or hardwood flooring, whats right for yoru home?

The flooring in your home can make an impact in more ways than one. The first will be visually. Flooring in a home can indicate the style and personality of the home owners, and whether they are going for a look that is classic or modern, minimal or lavish. The second impact that flooring might have is upon the home owners themselves. Flooring can affect the temperature of the home, for example, as well as how comfortable and easy to maintain it is.

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There are a few key considerations when deciding between carpeting and hardwood floors for your home.


Your choice of flooring and how well it is fitted can affect the temperature – and energy efficiency – of your home overall. Carpets may feel warmer and more comfortable to the touch if you or family members are frequently in bare feet at home, but remember that a well-fitted hardwood floor can also provide good insulation.

Child-Friendly and Pet Friendly

If you have children or pets at home, the choice between hardwood flooring and carpets is important. Carpets may provide a softer, warmer and more comfortable surface for pets and children. However, carpets can quickly become damaged by stains, scuffs and other mishaps that are common with pets and children. The RSPCA advises that house cats in particular can scratch furniture and carpets if they are not kept occupied. Hardwood floors can be far more durable in this regard. They are less likely to be stained or chewed, and can often be simply wiped clean. They’re much less likely to retain bad odours, too.


Laminate Wood Flooring tend to perform better than carpets in terms of durability and longevity. If they are properly fitted and from a reputable provider such as, they usually require only wipe-clean maintenance. Carpets can be more expensive to keep in excellent condition and may even require regular deep cleaning.


Carpeting can have negative effects on those suffering from respiratory allergies such as asthma, and even certain skin complaints. Carpets with shorter hair fibres that are well-maintained may be less of an irritant, but solid wood flooring can be a better choice overall.

By taking into account factors such as durability, heat retention and allergies, as well as the overall style of your home, you can select flooring that suits both your needs and personal taste.

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