Can Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

One of the questions many people ask when they are concerned with hair loss is if smoking can cause baldness. This is something that has to be determined through further research techniques. However, what we do know is that smoking is a cause of various types of cancer and that it can be harmful to your health.

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There is no direct correlation between smoking and hair loss and in many cases where people smoke, they do not end up with thinning of their hair. If you do have an underlying problem, you may have to take special measures to treat it in order to prevent baldness. This may include using products that are specifically designed to help to treat any issues that might lead to your hair thinning. You may want to speak to your doctor before trying any new product to determine the best course of action in treating any issues, such as Scalp Micropigmentation. For more information on scalp micropigmentation visit His Hair Clinic

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There is some evidence to suggest that smoking can lead to hair loss. Follicles require oxygen, minerals and nutrients in order to stay healthy. Smoking leads to a thinning of the blood vessels that feed the hair follicles, meaning that less nutrients reach them. Smoking can also cause a less robust immune system, meaning an increased chance of contracting a disease that affects hair growth. The toxins in cigarette smoke cause damage to hormones which in turn can lead to damage to the hair follicles.

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