What do baby boomers and millennials look for in their new homes?

The feeling of holding the keys to your own home is priceless, and each of us will have our own vision of what that home should look like. Baby boomers and millennials may be at different stages of their lives with different priorities, but crucial aspects of what they want in a home aren’t as different as what may be first anticipated. Here are some similarities in what’s sought after in a new home.

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Sizing up property

Both baby boomers and millennials prioritise size, though the former typically sell more expensive, larger homes in favour of smaller, more affordable, easier to manage properties. Bigger homes are often, though not always, sought by millennials, where thoughts of housing a family in future are considered. Both generations tend to value public transport, services, shops and entertainment nearby.

They also gravitate towards a similar price range, with multifamily purposes being particularly in demand in the real estate market.

Walk-in showers

A walk-in shower is practical for the baby boomers wanting ease of lifestyle and for millennials who want time-efficiency. They’re also an aesthetically impressive addition to a bathroom.

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Tempting technology

Technology can make daily life easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. Generation Y may have been brought up with technology, but it’s increasingly common for baby boomers, who are likely to have more financial flexibility, to retrofit their homes, to invest in the likes of sound systems and smart appliances. Wi-fi and technology have advanced from being remarkable and nice to have, to necessary and expected.

A HomeAdvisor survey discovered that, among older homeowners, assistive and automation technology were installed by 14% and over 50% respectively. A quality home automation company, such as https://digitalinteriors.co.uk/ can provide exciting, practical technology to a home, from mirror TVs and impressive audio systems, to home automation at your fingertips for smart locks, security cameras and lighting.

Openness and inclusivity

Both generations tend to desire open-plan living arrangements that cultivate connections and interpersonal closeness, such as with cosy communal areas and pet appropriate features.

Larger kitchens and countertop islands are popular, as are patios or decks outside to complement a reasonably large garden area. Both suggest openness and allow for time spent with each other and the welcoming of visitors.

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