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5 Benefits Of Tape In Hair Extensions

Today, many women have hair extensions, and the market is worth a fortune. According to Fortune Business Insights, hair extensions in the global market was $2.35 billion in 2020 and are projected to reach $3.43 billion by 2028.

Some women wear hair extensions to add more volume to their hair, while others wear extensions to add length. Some women like both the length and volume hair extensions provide.

There are a few types of hair extensions available according to Glamour Magazine, and they include:

  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins
  • Sew-ins
  • Micro-loop
  • U-part wigs

If you are thinking about getting extensions but aren’t sure what type to choose, you should consider the benefits of tape in extensions. Tape in extensions are one to one and a half-inch sections of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue and are glued to your existing hair. Unlike clip in extensions, you can’t place tape in extensions yourself, and they should be professionally installed by a licensed cosmetologist. If you understand the benefits of tape-ins, it can make your decision easier.

#1 Tape In Extensions Last a Long Time

Clip-in extensions can last between three and six months because they usually aren’t worn every day. If you want extensions that you can leave in and will last a while, tape in extensions are an excellent option. According to Byrdie with proper care, tape in extensions can last up to eight weeks and will look natural and healthy.

#2 Tape In Extensions Are Easy To Maintain

Clip in extensions can add a lot of time to your daily routine. Every morning, you will need to clip the extensions in your hair, which can be time-consuming. Caring for tape in extensions is simple, and they stay in your hair, which can cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning.

You don’t need to wash your hair as often with tape in extensions as you do your natural hair. It is recommended to wash your hair twice a week if you have tape in extensions. On the days you cannot wash your hair, a shower cap will allow you to shower without your hair getting wet.

Most women brush their natural hair once or twice a day. If you have tape in extensions, you should brush your hair more frequently. During the day, your hair and the extensions will rub together, causing friction and can cause tangles. If you wait until the end of the day to detangle your hair, the extensions will begin to damage and can decrease the lifespan of the extensions.

#3 Length and Volume

One of the main benefits of tape in extensions is the length and volume they provide. Many women with thin hair feel self-conscious, and many women dream of having long, beautiful hair. Because tape in extensions provide length and volume, you can have the hair you always dreamed of.

#4 You Have More Hairstyle Options

If you like to wear your hair in different styles, clip in extensions may not be the best option for you. Wearing a high ponytail or long braids can expose the clips, and you will need to add more hair to cover them.

Tape in extensions are more versatile when it comes to styling your hair. You can wear long braids, a sleek, high ponytail, long beachy waves or a full body blowout, and the tape will be concealed; therefore, you can achieve excellent styles quickly, and nobody will know you are wearing extensions.

#5 You Can Workout, Swim, and Shower With Tape In Extensions

Working out can cause you to sweat, which can damage certain types of hair extensions. The same is true if you go swimming or take a shower. This can make certain activities more time-consuming than necessary, and when you remove the extensions, you won’t look and feel as great.

Tape in extensions can be worn to the gym, in the shower, and when you go swimming. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about removing them first and putting them back in after. Also, if you always have your extensions in at the gym, the pool, or at the beach, people won’t realize that your extensions aren’t your natural hair.

With all the types of hair extensions on the market today, choosing the right one can be challenging. Now that you understand the benefits associated with tape in extensions, making the best decision should be easier.

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