3 Ways to Enhance In-Person Learning With Online Tools

The internet is a great resource for educators who want to provide learning opportunities to fit every child’s learning style. It can also be a great way to connect with parents, provide feedback, and check in on students’ progress. Here are a few online tools that will enhance in-person learning.

Supplemental Learning Opportunities

Children learn in many different ways. Some enjoy reading for information, some are visual learners, and some learn best with a hands-on approach. As a teacher, it can be hard to find the class time to provide every student with the learning format they prefer. Online educational tools are a perfect way to offer each student the learning experience that will help them understand a lesson and reach their full learning potential. Teachers can collect quizzes, games, and educational exercises that students can complete at home or at school by connecting their smartphone or tablet to the school wifi hotspot. Teachers can see the individual and classwide results of these supplemental learning activities and make lesson plans accordingly to ensure students fully grasp the material.

Open-Source Educational Material

Academic books can be expensive and running a classroom effectively requires a very focused budget. To reduce the burden of cost on educators, there are websites that distribute K-12 educational material on the internet. This material can be modified by individual teachers to fit a lesson plan or unit to include videos, audio, and interactive exercises. By using a school wifi hotspot or wired internet, educators can pull up these exercises for the entire class to review together. The books teachers compile using the open-source educational material can be printed to comply with regional editorial standards, so teachers can be sure the information they’re teaching meets the educational standards of their state and school district. By capitalizing on open-source material, schools can make room in the budget for more services and technology, such as mobile hotspots for students, to promote students’ learning.

Connect With Families

Partnering with parents and guardians is one of the best ways for teachers to make sure their students’ educational needs are being met. If a child is struggling with a subject, the person who spends time helping them finish their homework knows it. By using an online educational tool that doubles as a social networking platform, teachers and parents can connect and communicate about everything from assignments to student behavior. Rather than waiting for the end of a semester for a parent-teacher conference, parents and teachers can have an open line of communication for the entire school year. These platforms also allow teachers to distribute educational materials, so they can be sure students have the resources they need to complete an assignment. No more homework being left at school or papers being lost in backpacks. If families don’t have access to the internet, then a school providing hotspots for students to take home will help connect the entire family to important educational resources.

Education is about helping individuals achieve their highest possible potential. By exploring and using online tools, educators can make sure they’re providing students with the tools they need to be successful.


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