10 Fashionable Things To Do In Cabo

When searching for your next vacation spot, there aren’t many that are more fashionable than Cabo in Mexico. This resort destination on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula is famed for its gorgeous beaches, amazing sights, and its regular VIP visitors. Simply traveling to Cabo is enough of a statement, but there are also plenty of things that you can get involved in here to maximize this fashionable vacation statement. To give you some great ideas, we’ve put together a list of our favorite things to do in Cabo that are guaranteed to showcase you living your best life in this gorgeous and stylish vacation spot.

Choose A Luxury Hotel Experience
While you can visit Cabo on a budget, there are many amazing luxury hotels, and a trip to somewhere amazing like Cabo deserves the best of the best, especially if you’re searching for the most fashionable VIP experience you can afford. There are many Cabo vacation packages, and using a travel guide for Cabo will show you many amazing hotel options to suit every budget and show you the wonderful things to do in the immediate area. When selecting a hotel, you’ll find that some offer all-inclusive options too, which may be slightly more expensive but will allow you to eat and drink for free whenever you want. That means unlimited cocktails by the infinity pool for a truly elite experience.

Visit Lover’s Beach
First on the list is the famed Lover’s Beach, twinned with Divorce Beach, which is the perfect spot for a romantic visit for couples. This area is known for its stunning views across the Pacific Ocean, amazingly crystal-clear water, and nice secluded sections away from the hustle and bustle of some of Cabo’s other brilliant yet populated beaches. Take a dip in the warm tropical waters with a snorkel and flippers to catch a glimpse of the amazing sea life below, as Lover’s beach is one of the best areas for snorkeling in Cabo. Just remember to grab a space early in the day as many couples will want a piece of this beautiful area away from the rest of the tourists.

Relax At Playa El Medano
It’s almost impossible to find a beach that isn’t filled with other tourists, and you might think that this is a problem. However, due to the sheer size of Medano beach, it’s very rare that you’ll be unable to find a suitable space to start soaking up the sun. The vibe of Medano beach is one of excitement and activity; however, it’s surprisingly relaxing at the same time. For an extra VIP experience, why not hire out a space at one of the many beach clubs that overlook Medano beach? Or visit one of the beach-side restaurants for some delicious, luxury food while enjoying the stunning views?

Shop At Puerto Paraiso
While rare, if the weather cools off, it might present the perfect opportunity to get on with some retail therapy in some of Cabo’s amazing shopping destinations. Most notably is the Puerto Paraiso Mall in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. This commercial area is filled with countless designer clothing stores and boutiques and is also home to some great entertainment too. A movie theater and a wide range of restaurants are also situated in Puerto Paraiso, and you can also find a MacStore in case you need any tech help with your Apple products. If searching for the more high-end labels, you’ll find everything from Cartier and Tous to Rolex and Jo Malone on Luxury Avenue.

Have Dinner At Sunset Monalisa
For a perfect evening meal with your friends or your partner, and for some great Insta shots, you should take a trip to the Sunset Monalisa restaurant. This infusion of Mexican and Mediterranean food combined with stunning sunset views across the Pacific. The décor around Sunset Monalisa complements the gorgeous sunset colors with subdued, warm lighting and candlelight. Five-star chefs handle the food preparation itself to provide guests with delicious foods, from handmade pizzas to locally sourced seafood. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available, too. Top your experience off with some cocktails in their upstairs bar for a truly memorable night.

Take To The Skies With Parasailing
Assuming that you’re not too scared of heights, trying out this popular water sport can be an exciting experience. Parasailing is where you are essentially pulled behind a speed boat while being lifted into the air by a large parachute. The thrill of flying through the air above the crystal-clear waters is unparalleled and should be high up on your bucket list. There are a number of different providers of water sports activities, from parasailing to jet ski hire, so take your pick. Don’t forget to pack a waterproof sports camera to capture the whole experience too.

Enjoy Live Music At Cabo Wabo Cantina
There’s a strong possibility you’ve heard mention of the famous Spring Break spot, Cabo Wabo, especially if you used to be an avid viewer of MTV back in the nineties and early noughties. This amazing live music venue has played host to some of the world’s top musicians and was actually founded by the lead vocalist of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, in 1990. The cantina is still going strong today and continues to feature amazing acts and host fantastic live music parties. They also have some fantastic signature drinks on their menu, like Sammy’s Sangria and the Santo Bandido, and they even have a range of delicious lunch and dinner options too.

Test Your Mettle At Wild Canyon
If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more high octane, you might want to check out the amazing place that is Wild Canyon. This adventure space in Cabo San Lucas offers guests some exhilarating activities to really push their fears to the limit. It’s the perfect space to showcase your bravery in style, whether tackling the huge swings and zip lines suspended above the canyon or perhaps even a bungee jump. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit closer to terra firma, you could try out a fun off-road ATV tour or horseback riding.

Experience El Squid Roe
Visiting some of Cabo’s amazing nighttime venues is an unmissable experience for those in the mood to party. There are many nightclubs around the south coast, and one of the most notable is the famous El Squid Roe. This friendly and inclusive nightclub is a popular destination for many celebrity guests, and you might find yourself coming face-to-face with some of your idols if you’re lucky. The venue itself offers VIP packages, too, meaning that your group will have a table for the night and will get instant VIP access to the club without waiting in a long queue. After all, what’s more fashionable than skipping the queue?

Stroll Along The Cabo San Lucas Marina
Taking a more relaxed approach to your time here, you should definitely include a walk along the Cabo San Lucas Marina to take in the sights and sounds of these bustling and beautiful docks and check out the amazing luxury yachts here. Naturally, the place is home to phenomenal seafood restaurants, providing customers with fresh catches daily. And if you’re feeling up to it, this is the starting point of many of the ocean excursions in Cabo, with luxury yacht experiences and scuba diving and snorkeling tours. The marina is also home to some wonderful sea life, and you may even catch a glimpse of some of the local seals and sea lions too.

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