legend of mana walkthroughs

Legend of mana walkthroughs for beginners to professionals

That this is the gen of remakes and remasters does not catch us off balance, so today we bring you a new one, this time within the Mana Saga. After seeing the Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana pass, Legend of Mana is the title that Square Enix has wanted to milk again. And the truth is that it does not fall short, leaping Steam, Switch and PS4 (/ PS5 ), 22 years after its original launch on PSX (which is said quickly …) and celebrating the 30 already of the legend of mana walkthroughs.

Has time been good for this game, like good wine? Is it worth the facelift and getting the glove back on so long later? Let’s find out.

A legend of mana walkthroughs story told to your liking

As a good remake, we cannot say that the story has changed an apex. After 20 years, it is more than likely that most of you do not know the game. Still, you do know the saga: Our objective will be to recover our Fa’Diel world, locked up currently in small magical artifacts, to revive the Mana tree that was destroyed a long, long time ago. Continue reading: Blue exorcist season 3

legend of mana walkthroughs

And this is where the main mechanics that differentiates it from many others resides, and that is really the world in which we started is totally empty, like a blank canvas. As we complete areas and obtain new artifacts, we can build the world as if it were a chessboard, at our whim.

That leaves us free when it comes to creating it and how the story flows through these artifacts, thus building the world according to our imagination. And we worry about the level since it scales according to the distance we are from the starting point: our house.

In return, sometimes this system can leave you somewhat sold and misplaced, to the point of turning around until you find the next thread from which to pull since you are abandoned of any guide or advice. You can read also: How to get sponges in Minecraft?

Starting of the legend of mana walkthroughs

We can place the artifacts, which make up the different areas, as we prefer. So far, nothing new under the sun, it may seem that the stories are somewhat disjointed, or rather a set of legends or narrated adventures to form the world, without any meaning. But little or little a thread is created between them, even if it costs a bit of following. It is not at all a similar style to the existing ones, so this will make you love or dislike it, but surely there is no middle ground.

As we progress through the stories, we will be accompanied by other characters related to the adventures that we are addressing or by a monster that we can grow and evolve as Pokémon. The good? A secondary player will be able to control this second character during the fighting, locally, something quite rare in his style.


The combats will be from 1 to 3 combatants, depending on the time of the game, allowing a second player to play, controlling another character in a local cooperative way.

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Distributing sword blows left and right

And now entering the other half of the game’s core, combat, it should be noted that it comes assorted with a large collection of weapons and classes (sword and shield, spear, bow, staff, …) and skills, techniques and magics of each class that we will unlock when leveling up.

Although we are stocked with many options to combat, they will be dull when we try to attack. We are not 100% aligned with the enemies: the hitbox is very treacherous and sometimes it will require us to reposition ourselves right in front to strike the blows, with almost no margin for error. Sometimes it will be enough to be “close,” becoming a little confused.

The combats are not random encounters due to the mapping, but rather “we will see them coming”. However, they cannot be avoided conventionally: They will be unavoidable if we go through that path, but they can be disabled from the menu so they are not activated.

This can be very necessary since we will often go around the map looking for where to go and if we leave the area and return. Because we made a mistake or have lost ourselves in the immensity of the areas, very similar to each other in each dungeon, having to repeat the same combat many times.

We can plant seeds and collect them as the days go by. It is appreciated that there is also the option to craft weapons and armor with the materials we collect or have our seed plantation. However, they are quite secondary options throughout the game and can go somewhat unnoticed.

Main new features of the legend of mana walkthroughs

As novelties of this version, it is worth highlighting that it is correctly translated and localized into several languages. The stages have been adapted to current resolutions and therefore redrawn, providing a great quality that is not detracted by a great soundtrack, even having the option of enjoying the OST.

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