How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft

How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft?

We explain how to tame foxes in Minecraft, one of the latest additions to the game, thanks to patch 1.14, which you can turn into your pets

Taming Foxes in Minecraft – Introduction

The Foxes are one of the great news of patch 1.14. You have already seen them, they are not difficult to find, so we will explain how to tame or tame them. But first, we are going to give you a small introduction:

Fox types or colorsHow to Tame Foxes in Minecraft

Red Foxes: They appear in Biomass Taiga, by hills, mountains, and sometimes by snowy taiga towns

Arctic Foxes: They appear by biomes Taiga Nevados. Also by hills, mountains, and towns, but snowy. Keep reading: sites like Omegle 

How to find them?How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft

They are more nocturnal than the daytime, so it is easier to search for them at night. The arctic ones are a little more complicated, only appearing in snowy areas.

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You should also know that just by feeding a fox you have a 50% chance of obtaining a repair kit of each color

Taming Foxes in Minecraft – How to Tame?

First of all, you need:

  • A strap: Unless you come across one, it is crafted with 4 strings and 1 thin ball
  • two sweet berries: They are obtained by the sweet berry bushes of the Taiga biome.

And when you have everything, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Give a sweet berry to a fox
  2. Give another sweet berry to a second fox
  3. Wait for them both to eat them
  4. Put the leash on the fox
  5. go away

It’s easy to have a new partner who will follow you everywhere. So you know, sweet berries and leash.

In case you want to tame or raise other animals: Cat, Dolphin, Llama, Parrots, Horses.  COMMENT BELOW


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