Eggs don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat

Eggs, don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat. If anything, they help the eyes and hearts. All the health benefits. Research from the University of Sidney based on a diet with 12 eggs per week on the menu. Eggs are digested in just two hours, at least three are needed for meat. And they help the circulation of “good” cholesterol


There is false scientific literature on eggs, according to which we should still avoid them in our diet, as they are harmful and because they make you fat. It is not so. In reality, eggs not only do not negatively affect weight but have valuable properties.


According to recent research, conducted by the University of Sidney. In Sidney Medical School, eating 12 eggs per week (almost two per day). It does not increase weight and does not even increase the risk of incurring cardiovascular diseases. The researchers analyzed a number of factors to detect cardiovascular risks, such as cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

During the test, a group of participants had to follow a bodyweight diet for three months but included 12 eggs per week. Participants were compared to another group that ate only two. After three months, both groups followed a weight loss diet, continuing to eat many or few eggs. Then they were monitored for another six months. No significant anomalies or changes were observed throughout the course of the experiment in any group. And both groups managed to lose weight regardless of egg consumption, keeping the shape even after the test was finished.

NUTRITIONAL PROPERTIES OF EGGSEggs, don't believe the false myths: they don't make you fat

Eggs are an important source of proteins and micronutrients, they help regulate the intake of fats. And carbohydrates and according to many doctors. They contribute to the health of the eyes, heart and blood vessels. In addition. They contain vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid (and therefore are important in pregnancy), vitamins B6 and 12, choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. In particular, they contain lecithins in the yolk, which promote the transport of cholesterol from the arteries to the liver, enhancing the action of “good” cholesterol.

Thanks to their precious content, they enhance brain performance and are disposed of in just two hours against the three needed for a portion of meat. The only contraindication could have it for people suffering from stones, because a large amount of lipids stimulates the gallbladder, causing colic.

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