Xbox One charging station details

Xbox One charging station

Xbox One is developed by Microsoft for gamers which announced in May 2013. It is a home video game console. To charge the Xbox One needs a charger and it is known as the Xbox One charging station.

Controller Charger Compatible with Xbox Series & One S/X/Elite Controller

It comes with two packs which are 1300mAh rechargeable battery packs. With this charger you can recharge the Xbox One S / X / Elite / Xbox One / Xbox Series S / X controllers and Xbox Series X / S.

The battery capacity is larger than AA batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and you can charge it full cycle more than 3000 times. So you can use it without tension. To complete the battery recharge it needs 2.5 hours and the 1PCS supports it for 20 hours. LED indicators are used to color RED during the charging period and when it is full then will indicate Green.

You can charge the battery directly on the charging chamber. If you don’t want to charge the battery like this way then you can charge the battery pack inside the controller.

Safety is the most important part when you deal with the electrical device. It has an intelligent protective chip that is built-in. And also prevent over-voltage, over-current, over-heat.

Xbox One/One X/One S/One Elite Dual Controller Charger

It provides an advanced battery system so you don’t have AA batteries. The previous charging system kit of the battery charger needs to be together but in the newer version, they don’t need to remain together for the controller.

This Xbox One charging station is works for Xbox One S / Xbox One / Xbox One X / Xbox One Elite. The battery life is long with the 1200mah NiMH Battery. The battery pack support 5 to 8 hours to play. If you normal play then it lasted for 8 to 10 hours. But the battery support will reduce if the user plays a high-power consumer game then battery life is 6 to 8. It has also Red and Green indicator system.

It is easy to use because it automatically charges when you put it on the controller for this you don’t need to remove the battery.

Xbox One Single Charging Station

This Xbox One controller is wireless so it looks more beautiful. When wire any device has a wire then there is a possibility that it can wrap with the device or others. And also it can tear after a certain period of use. The outer part of the charging station color is black for this it is looking elegant.

There is a USB Charging Cable and it is a magnetic charging cable so it is easy to connect or remove. This Xbox One controller has 2 Lithium-ion batteries. The product dimensions are 7 * 11 * 13.8 cm which is very simple. And the weight of your Xbox one is only 240 very light Gram.

To charge the controller is very easy and simple users just place it on the stand then click down the LED. When charging is finished then the LED indicator passes a single to remove the controller.

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