What to Wear to Beach Wedding Male?

What to Wear to Beach Wedding Male?

Attending a wedding on the beach can be a fantastic experience. The beautiful scenery, ocean breezes, and relaxed atmosphere make beach weddings popular for many couples. However, figuring out what to wear as a male guest can be tricky. The location is less formal than a traditional church or ballroom wedding, but you still want to dress appropriately. Follow these tips to look stylish and put together without overdressing at your next beach wedding. Also, if you’re a male guest, you can discover what to wear to a beach wedding to ensure you look your best.

Consider the Dress Code

Consider the Dress Code

The dress code specified on the wedding invitation is the first thing to consider. Beach weddings can range from ultra-casual to semi-formal. Here are some standard dress codes for beach weddings and what they typically entail:

Beach Casual

This is the most relaxed dress code. Guests are free to wear casual shorts, polo shirts, and sandals. Opt for nice, tailored shorts in linen or seersucker. Solid color polo shirts and casual button-downs made from breathable fabrics work well. Leather sandals or boat shoes are good choices for footwear. Avoid flip-flops, athletic shoes, and overly casual athletic shorts or t-shirts.

Beach Chic/Resort Casual

Step up with chino pants, casual button-down shirts, sundresses, and lovely sandals. You can also wear dressier shorts with an untucked aloha shirt. Just avoid shorts that are too long or baggy. For women, sundresses and dressy sandals are perfect.


This is one step below a black-tie event. As a male guest, opt for dress pants, a button-down shirt, possibly a sports coat or blazer, and dress shoes. Lighter-weight fabrics like linen or seersucker that breathe well are ideal. The jacket is optional, depending on the formality.

Black Tie

This indicates a formal dress code, but a black tie still allows fabrics like linen or seersucker for a beach wedding. Wear traditional dress pants, a button-down shirt, a suit jacket or tuxedo, and dress shoes (loafers or lace-ups, no sandals). Bow ties are also expected at beach black tie weddings instead of long neckties.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

The beach naturally lends itself to hot and humid conditions. You’ll be much more comfortable in lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow airflow:

  • Linen – A classic choice for beach weddings, linen wrinkles easily but remains lightweight and comfortable. Opt for a lighter color like tan, stone, or light grey.
  • Cotton – Great for casual button-downs and polo shirts. Look for breezy, open-weave cotton.
  • Seersucker – The signature wrinkled stripe fabric is perfect for suits, dress pants, and shorts.
  • Chambray – For casual shirts, chambray offers a lightweight feel.
  • Rayon – Affordable, breezy, and comes in many prints and colors. Look for rayon in casual shirts.

Avoid heavier fabrics like wool tweeds, dark suits, or polyester. You’ll be roasting in no time. Bring a portable hand fan if you need extra airflow!

Choose the Right Colors

Bright, light, and neutral colors work best for the beach:

  • White – Crisp, calm, and refreshing; white shirts and pants keep the look light.
  • Tan – Khaki, stone, or sand-colored pants and shirts blend in with the sand.
  • Light Blue – Go for lightweight chambray or linen for a relaxing vibe.
  • Pink – Subtle pink oxfords or shirts offset a summer tan.
  • Seafoam Green – Capture the ocean in a dress shirt or chino pants.
  • Grey – Light grey linen suits keep things sophisticated but relaxed.

Stay away from black or dark suits that will absorb too much heat. Bright neons can also look out of place unless that is the theme of the wedding. Keep accessories toned down as well.

Dress for Volatility

Coastal weather can be volatile and change rapidly. The reception may get windy or wet even if the ceremony is lovely. Come prepared for changing conditions:

  • Pack a lightweight sports coat or blazer – It adds a layer for when the sun goes down and the temperature dips. A tan linen blazer is a versatile option.
  • Bring a compact umbrella – Pop-up umbrellas don’t take up much space but can save you if an afternoon shower pops up.
  • Wear leather shoes or sandals – Leather can withstand getting wet if rain strikes. Opt for leather loafers, bucks, or boat shoes that can transition day to night.
  • Have layers on hand – If you’re staying nearby, pack a lightweight sweater or windbreaker in case the weather shifts.

Being ready for potential rain, wind, or temperature drops ensures you’ll stay comfortable.

Choose Appropriate Footwear

Shoes complete your beach wedding attire. For men, here are some footwear guidelines:

Ultra Casual Beach Wedding

Leather sandals, flip flops, or barefoot are okay if the bride and groom specify “beach casual.” Opt for lovely leather sandals rather than rubber flip-flops.

Semi-Formal Beach Wedding

Leather shoes that can withstand sand are best. Loafers, bucks, lace-up oxfords, and leather boat shoes all work well. Wear socks to keep sand out of your shoes. Avoid heavy black or brown dress shoes, which look formal and get hot.

Black Tie Wedding

Black or brown leather lace-up dress shoes are appropriate but can sink in the sand. Opt for shoes with leather soles rather than rubber, which provide better traction. Don’t wear flip-flops.


Steer clear of heavy boots or work shoes, which look clunky. Athletic sneakers are too casual unless specifically told otherwise. Flip-flops should only be worn to ultra-casual events.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessorizing adds polish while keeping things beach-appropriate:

  • Hats – A breathable straw fedora or Panama hat adds shade and style. Skip the baseball caps.
  • Sunglasses – Look for metal or wood frames rather than plastic, which looks cheap. Polarized lenses cut glare.
  • Belts – Leather belts coordinate with leather shoes and add polish. Opt for muted earth tones rather than bright colors.
  • Jewelry – Limit jewelry to a watch, wedding band, or simple bracelet. Flashy gold chains look out of place.
  • Pocket squares – A linen or cotton pocket square in a solid color or simple print adds flair to a dress shirt.
  • Watch – A leather watch strap stands up to water better than metal. Don’t wear sports watches.

Do: Dress for Comfort

  • Wear breathable natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or rayon
  • Pack layers and accessories for changing weather
  • Choose shoes you can comfortably walk in on the sand
  • Apply sunscreen so you don’t burn
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Don’t: Overdress for the Beach

  • Avoid heavy wool suits, long ties, and black shoes
  • Skip the socks and show off your ankles
  • Leave flashy jewelry at home
  • Rethink overly bold prints or bright colors
  • Forget to wash off the sand before going inside!


What should I wear to a beach casual wedding?

Tailored shorts, polo shirts, aloha shirts, and sandals are all acceptable for men. Just don’t wear athletic gear like basketball shorts or sweatpants.

Can I wear sandals to a formal beach wedding?

Opt for leather dress shoes at black-tie weddings and skip the sandals. For semi-formal, leather sandals can work if they are an elegant, dressy style.

What if it rains on the big day?

Bring a compact umbrella and wear leather shoes that can get wet. Have layers and a lightweight rain jacket in case the weather shifts.

How do I keep sand from getting in my shoes?

Wear shoes that cover more of your foot, like oxfords or loafers. Opt for leather soles that won’t trap sand like rubber soles. You can skip socks if you wash your feet before going inside.

What jewelry should I avoid?

Beach weddings aren’t the place for flashy gold chains, bracelets, or rings beyond a wedding band. Stick to simple, minimal accessories.


Consider the formality, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics, select colors that complement the beach environment, dress for changing weather conditions, and thoughtfully accessorize. The proper beach wedding attire ensures you look sharp without overheating or overdressing. Embark on the journey of love with a Destination Wedding Planner, where ‘A Joyous Celebration’ awaits. Just like planning the perfect wedding, focus on versatile pieces that seamlessly layer and mix, ensuring a flawless transition from ceremony to reception.

Most importantly, consult the couple’s recommended dress code on the invitation. Remembering the bride and groom’s wishes guarantees you’ll meet their expectations. With these tips, you can dress to impress at upcoming weddings by the sea.

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