What To Know About Designer Jeans Fabric

Designer jeans are the best to invest in as they are durable and therefore, usually worth the price. Designer jeans can be made from a range of different fabrics so it’s worth checking before you buy as you will want to go for something comfortable that still fits well. Here is some more information about designer jean fabric to help you choose the right pair for you…

What fabric to go for?

Denim is the best fabric for jeans and will always win when compared to other fabrics, this is why it is so popular. Denim jeans are strong and durable but they also wash well, just make sure you don’t put the washing machine on a high setting. Some jean wearers love the way denim jeans age, they can look faded which provides a chic look and means you won’t need to replace them often. No matter what the colour, they will look good with jumpers, t-shirts and whatever you like to wear them with.

Designer jeans for women made from denim are the ideal choice if you’re going for value and availability, you can find them in most high street shops or designer stores. Denim is a versatile option and will never go out of fashion. However, you will sometimes find denim mixed with other fabrics like polyester and cotton, but this is less common if they’re designer. Polyester is durable and abrasion-resistant, a better option than cotton for jeans as it’s strong. A benefit of polyester is it’s been stretched and heat-treated already so it can stand more impact than other denim blends. This is useful when ironing and when you want a tight fit. There is nothing worse than jeans that don’t fit properly!

Different types of jean styles

There are a range of different types of jean styles and the pair you go for will all come down to preference. A simple pair of skinny jeans or bootcut jeans will be tighter than flares, they go well with boots or trainers. Flares are back in for 2021 and next year too, they look ideal with tighter style tops as they’re baggy and will look perfect with flat shoes. Tighter jeans are more suited to boots, whereas baggier designer jeans look best with flat shoes, however, you can wear them with whatever you feel comfortable in.

What clothes to pair up designer jeans with 

Designer jeans can look great with both boots and trainers, depending on the cut and your personal style. In autumn and winter, you can layer up t-shirts and jumpers and pair them with jeans. It will all come down to preference when you fit out your wardrobe and put your outfits together. An advantage of denim is the colour goes with just about any other colour, you can wear something simple like black or white with denim or go for something bold like yellow or red. You also don’t have to go for blue denim, you can buy black, white or cream jeans made from denim too.

Winter is the best time to invest in a designer style of jeans or autumn just before it starts getting really cold. Make sure you go for jeans made from denim or a denim blend like polyester, this will be a good option if you want them to last and durability is at the top of your list.

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