What Are the Benefits of Fender Flares?

Jeeps and other SUVs often come equipped with fewer features than you may wish you had included when purchasing the vehicle. Some accessories and add-on pieces, such as a Jeep soft top replacement when the original is worn,  provide practical benefits; others serve stylistic enhancements. A number of additions do both; they look good and improve some functionality. Because fender flares fit into the latter category, you will often see lines of trucks rumbling by with them installed. For those considering this popular truck-upgrade, consider the following benefits as evidence that fender flares can be a worthwhile purchase.

Body Protection

The addition of fender flares for Jeep will minimize the chances that nicks and scratches will pocket your ride’s pretty bodywork following an off-road adventure. Any time you drive on dirt roads and trails, your tires will throw rocks, sticks and mud in the air. This effect is especially pronounced when the wheels spin to find grip under poor conditions. Installed flares protect because thrown missiles will hit their underside and harmlessly bounce back to earth rather than grazing your bodywork. As a bonus, besides protecting against body dings, flares keep excess mud from caking the truck’s body panel, an effect that makes cleanup easier.

Tire Fit

State regulations generally require that tires do not project beyond cars and trucks. However, when you want to install a new wheel tire combo Jeep JK, you may decide to you want to purchase wider wheels and tires than those that came with your Jeep. Although you may look at several options for meeting the rule requirements, additions such as mudflaps will not suffice since they will not cover the entire tire tread as required. Fender flares are perfect options for covering your tracks since they span the top length of the wheel well.

Driver Consideration

Those tire projection rules are in place primarily to protect other drivers and their vehicles. If you hit a puddle while driving your Jeep in a downpour, you will likely shoot cascades of water upward and behind you. Fender flares act as a cup that catches the water streams, preventing the waves from splashing excessively on vehicles following closely behind or passing alongside your truck. Also, in the same way they deflect rocks and other debris away from your truck’s body, they can keep these objects from flying into oncoming traffic.

Visual Appeal

Whether you drive often off-road or primarily on the pavement, flares make a stylish statement that ranges from understated to aggressive. Some merely upgrade the look of factory-stock fender flares, while others extend ceremoniously and ruggedly outward to attract attention. Street-style flares are more moderately proportioned but still stylish. These add-ons can also clean up the look of beat-up fenders by covering up surface rust or scratches.

Jeeps hold a place in American history; they have attained iconic status over the years. As an owner who takes pride in your Jeep, you look for ways to personalize it. If you want to enhance the rugged appearance of your truck, adding fender flares will do the job while providing practical benefits to boot.

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