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Wedding decoration photos and trends 2018

When you are preparing a party of the magnitude of a wedding, it is always good to consult several opinions to achieve the most successful decoration. Therefore, in order to help you in this arduous task, we present some ideas and trends more distinguished in regard to wedding decoration for 2018.

Wedding Decoration Ideas for 2018

When planning our wedding, decoration can be a task that takes us a long time. The decoration is made of details and we must pay attention to all of them if what we are looking for is a perfect wedding. First, you must choose the style of the wedding, if you want a traditional wedding, original, modern or elegant. Next step: choose the colors.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Styles

There is a wide variety of possibilities to decorate a wedding. You can even use your imagination and create a unique and special decoration. There are no rules since it is a very personal moment where only the couple have the floor. To inspire you, we will give you a lot of suggestions.

Retro Wedding Decoration 2018

The retro style is characterized by being very romantic, so you have to take into account all the details when decorating your wedding. For the corridor through which you will pass before you are already a married person, you can choose flowers with pastel shades for the banks that are located in that area.

Keep in mind that the garlands are now the latest, so you can decorate the space where you are going to perform the ceremony with these romantic ornaments.

Another option when decorating your wedding, which is very original, especially if you make the wedding outdoors, is the placement of umbrellas but upside down, forming a row of colors, which will have the function of protecting you from the Sun.

Modern or traditional Wedding Decoration 2018

Something you should have in mind before you start buying things is the type of wedding you want to do and if you want it to be a traditional or modern wedding. In traditional weddings, the dress should be long and if possible, you should wear a veil. In weddings that are not so traditional, you can wear a short dress and can even be different colors.

Rustic Wedding Decoration 2018

The most important thing to choose the style and the adornments is that they characterize you and that you enjoy that moment.

Theme Weddings Decoration 2018

Nowadays, everyone wants their wedding to be unique and original and many choose to create themed weddings. Brides spend months looking for an original dress, original dishes and many of the wedding things are personal details to which they are very fond.

Not all the brides of the world tend to marry in very long costumes and huge veils while the groom romantically awaits them at the altar. With time the customs are lost, or rather they are changed by new ones and making of the old customs, something much more modern.

This type of wedding is perfect for the couple who want to give a different touch to their party and make their guests have an unforgettable day. Over time, theme weddings have been gaining popularity and that makes more and more people cheer up to it.

In thematic weddings, the bride and groom have a list of preferences they want to be carried out at their wedding, as for example, all the invited men must wear sunglasses and all women an old umbrella.

Many couples go much further and prepare really extravagant weddings, inspired by the 20s, or even the purest futuristic style. Other boyfriends have wanted to go much further and dare with a zombie wedding.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Color

Another decision we should take when choosing a wedding decoration is the color. Usually, when saying weddings we think in white, however, it is something that was forgotten and more and more is the couple who add a touch of different color.

There are many ways to add color to a wedding, be it in the accessories of the bride, the flowers of the ceremony, the dress of the bridesmaids or the cake. The possibilities are endless and without a doubt, adding color can turn it into a unique wedding. The mixture of colors and textures is one of the most popular options.

The tonalities of pink or blue are some of those that monopolize the protagonist this season. These colors can be placed on decorative accessories.

The colors lilac, gray and burgundy are another of the best-known trends for this season, so much so that they also give life to cheerful banquets.

A monochromatic decoration usually simplifies things. Few will also notice if the petal of the flower is a carnation or chrysanthemum instead of a rose. The use of a beautiful pale pink tablecloth, accompanied by napkins and flowers, may seem more powerful and substantial than a multi-colored table.

The orange in its strongest version is another of the great options, a color with a strength that conveys a lot of joy.

Wedding Decoration of the tables

So that the decoration of your party is a success, one of the points in which attention should be paid is certainly at the tables since they are one of the easiest and most effective ways to give the space a touch of elegance and freshness. A decoration not very successful in them can throw all the rest to lose. So that this does not happen, we share some very effective proposals.

The success, rather than the resources, is in good taste, since some simple pretty flowers or candles, can make the tables a success. They are two extremely romantic, refined and versatile elements.

Another strategy that never fails is to give a touch of color to them, by means of tablecloths, napkins or the flowers themselves or candles, as they create a less monotonous and fresher visual effect. You should only take the precaution of betting on a color according to the rest of the decoration.

You have just discovered that the centerpiece of your dreams is prohibitively expensive. Does not matter. Think about the color, height, and texture you want and ask the florist another option. Tulips may be an excellent idea, but gladioli will give the centerpiece a similar appearance at half the price. And remember that you can use a smaller amount of flowers if you sample them in a shocking way. You can rent tall glass vases, fill them with water, dip some tulips or orchids or a branch of berries in the center.

Candles are one of the simplest and least expensive ways to improve the setting. However, some candles can be very expensive. Keep in mind the votive candles, which are quite cheap and, if you do not wear a dress with a long tail or veil, they can beautifully adorn the aisle.

During the wedding, some will want to drink spirits. Instead of offering wine, which can be very expensive, why not offer cocktails, which besides being cheaper, can be very decorative and chic.

It is also very important to present the dishes, glasses, and napkins. The latter can be presented in a thousand different ways.

Normally, they tend to be the center of attention at the table.

You can choose more or less elegant, retro, classic, modern, or whatever, as long as it becomes something special and that surprise the guests with a beautiful place and built from creativity.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Waiters

While planning a wedding, the most complicated task may be to select which table each of the guests will sit on. This can generate problems because it is often common to have a personal conflict between one and another of the guests. Once this arduous first stage is over, another point is just as delicate and no less complex: select the waiters.

It is important to take into account the personal style of the waiters, after all, it is in the small details where the differences lie. It is necessary to look for a waiter full of style, who in addition to organizing the distribution, adds a chic touch to the party, keeping, in addition, a healthy balance with the environment. With good waiters, spaces are personalized, a character is conferred and it is capable of transmitting delicacy, romanticism, and originality.

To organize the guests, numbers can be used, this being the most used format. But you can also use letters: putting names or phrases; It is advisable, and even fascinating, to opt for a specific theme to follow, creating an unrepeatable and special atmosphere.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Presidential table

When we arrive at the place of the party after the wedding, we are able to distinguish which is the table of the couple. This table is always distinguished by having a rectangular shape with respect to the others, which are usually round.

Normally, the table is usually placed much higher than the rest of the people elevating it with a platform. The tablecloth is usually hung from the front so that the feet are not visible.

At the presidential table of a wedding, you should center between 6 and 8 people, although the most normal thing is that they feel the bride and groom and the parents of the couple, in total 6 people. Some couples want the presidential table to have the closest people with them, so many times they are much more than 6. For these cases, it is best to opt for a U-shaped table.

Finally, there is the option to sit alone. This happens when the bride and groom want to make the environment much more romantic, by seating the guests in order of closeness to them. In this case, the table is smaller.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Banquet

Every detail, however simple, will make our wedding a delight. That is why you should not neglect the banquet since everything must be perfect, the food and the presentation of it.

In these images, we give you ideas of how to place the dishes and desserts, and how to turn them into another addition to the decoration. There are many original ways to present the banquet that have no complications and that will make the tables look sensational.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Walls

Another of the points that we should not neglect is the decoration of the walls, since they impose a lot of presence, capturing the eyes of absolutely all the guests.

It is essential that they look bright and sophisticated, characteristics easily attainable if you bet heavily on white or soft shades, like cakes.

While for a more complex image and personality, you can bet on any accessory or detail that identifies the couple and makes them feel at ease. They can also be details that make the guests happy.

For this, the possibilities become really infinite since they are limited only by the imagination of the couple. You can be inspired by some of the ideas that we present to you through the next photos.

Wedding Decoration 2018 Flowers

The flowers, as well as the centerpieces, the lights and all the accessories that you can imagine, are a very important part in the decoration of a wedding. The options are endless but the important thing is to embrace the tastes of the couple since at the end and the end, it is their celebration.

Carnations are becoming fashionable, more and more often these flowers are appearing in the decoration of ceremonies, reception centerpieces, and bridal bouquets. And it’s not bad because the carnations can be a beautiful decoration and also, they are one of the most economical flowers.

Well used, they can create a surprisingly elegant decoration. Carnations have a greater impact when they are used as the only flower in an arrangement. Due to the shape of their petals, they can be used in a large group, as in these topiaries of the image.

These flowers are also very resistant, which means they will not wilt before cutting the cake, so they are perfect to decorate it. Carnations do not even wither on a hot day, which is a great advantage over other flowers.

Indoors or outdoors, carnation balls are a sweet and feminine way to decorate a ceremony or reception. They are also a nice alternative to bridal bouquets or bridesmaids.

They can also be used to assemble magnificent centerpieces. A nice bridal bouquet can also become a nice floral arrangement for the reception. Read more Choosing the Best Prom Dress Accessories for Your Prom Dress

Ecological weddings Decoration 2018

Many people these days try to be environmentally friendly, and a wedding need not be the exception. There are some small things that can be done to make a wedding as eco-friendly as possible.

1. Use plants as centerpieces. Flowers die quickly once they are cut, so why generate so much waste when you can use a plant that can live indefinitely? As with bouquets, you can choose the size you want. After the wedding, you can give them to the guests and take some of your homes.

2. Try to avoid throwing things away. For example, rice, which is known to be very harmful to birds.

3. Instead of buying drinks in bottles, buy them in barrels or large carafes. This way the bill for the drinks will be lower and you will avoid generating a lot of unnecessary waste, even if they are recyclable.

4. A wedding as vintage as possible. Why should everything be new? You can use used decoration objects such as tablecloths and cloth napkins, different decoration objects and even the wedding dress can also be vintage.

Wedding decoration 2018 with candles

Wedding decoration 2018 with balloons

Wedding decoration 2018 with Chinese paper lamps

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