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Top Scientifically Proven Benefits to Owning a Dog

Dog owning can be many things: a joy throughout the day, a responsibility, a reason to carry on and even some exhausting work. No matter what, there’s something it will always be and that is simply a scientifically proven benefit to you. Regardless of whether you’ve just picked up your new friend from a shelter or if you’re finding more options online, here are some of the benefits a furry friend can add to your life.

Stay active

We humans of postmodernity often struggle with motivation to go outside. We’ve built our homes to be comfy, all encompassing refuges and there’s little encouragement to go out and move our bodies. After all, there’s no need to run across the savannah to get dinner or find drinking water when you can order any kinds of foods from an app on your mobile phone and running water at your disposal. Problem is, our bodies didn’t evolve with all those comforts. Technology has far outpaced human evolution, so processors’ speeds double every two years, while our bodies remain basically the same as they were some 300,000 years ago.

However, try remaining as a couch potato watching streaming services while your dog protests in increasingly demanding fashion and you’ll soon find yourself in sporting gear ready for a walk or a run. Dogs have every bit the same need as us humans to exercise daily, but while we can numb ours with junk food and TV, they will remind you constantly when it’s time for the daily walk. Try saying no to those big round eyes…

Dogs help reduce… basically everything bad

This comes in part as a side effect of the previous point, but not only do dogs help you stay actively healthy, they also help you reduce a number of hazards almost by work of magic. Several studies have been done and found dog owners (ready?) are less likely to suffer heart attack and heart disease, show reduced triglyceride levels, reduced cholesterol levels, show naturally lower blood pressure levels, show lower stress levels and have naturally stronger immune systems.

That’s not a short list for what is basically an eating, tail wagging, running and pooping machine. Again, some of those benefits will come from living a more active lifestyle, but others (like reduced anxiety and stress feelings) come from having someone love you always, no matter what, forever. Ask anyone who’s ever hugged their dog after a bad day.

Feel (and look) more attractive

Okay, perhaps not as relevant as reducing multiple health hazards in the long term, but it may also be that owning a dog will make you feel more attractive and indeed be perceived as such.

Several studies conducted over the last few years have suggested that people perceive dog owners as more likable and attractive. Tests have also been carried out on virtual dating apps, with the results showing that those that posed with dogs on their profile got more likes and successful interactions. While you could just lend a friend’s pup for a quick photo, why not take advantage of all the other benefits and bring a dog into your life? You’ll thank me later


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