Top Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer Before Signing a Contract

Deciding to go solar is a big deal. You want to ensure you understand the process and know what to expect from your installer.

A good solar company will be transparent about its processes and answer your questions logically. However, some installers will take your money and then go out of business.

What is your warranty policy?

Many solar contracts contain assumptions about energy production and long-term savings. Ask your installer about the accuracy of these assumptions.

For example, if they claim you won’t have an electricity bill again, ask them to show you historical utility rate increases in your area.

You should also find out whether they use in-house electricians and installation crews or subcontract to local companies. If they use subcontractors, you should avoid them at all costs.

What is your warranty policy on the panels?

Many solar contracts include estimates of energy production and long-term savings. These estimates are based on assumptions, and it is essential to understand what those assumptions are before signing any contract.

Look for solar contracts that specify the manufacturer of the panels and ask whether they are Bloomberg Tier 1. This designation indicates quality and reliability and can save you money on maintenance costs later.

What is your warranty policy on the inverter?

Many solar companies offer loan financing as an incentive to help homeowners afford their systems. It’s essential to ask your installer about the system’s cash and financed prices.

Most manufacturers provide artistry or labor warranties, but some also include a product warranty. Look for a manufacturer that’s Bloomberg Tier 1, as they are more reliable and financially stable. Also, check whether they cover shipping costs for replacement parts.

What is your warranty policy on the wiring?

Some Aurora solar installers will ask homeowners to sign a contract before they come out for a site visit. This is a common practice in the industry to cut down on costs and time.

Your installer should be honest about how much you’ll save and how quickly you can recover your investment. They should also be clear about your eligibility for tax incentives.

What is your warranty policy on the equipment?

Despite solar equipment being highly reliable and almost maintenance-free, it is essential to know what happens in the case of any problems. Your installer should be able to clearly explain their warranty policy and the duration of this warranty.

It can take as little as two months to complete the solar installation process, including getting a permit, inspections, and interconnection with your local utility company. Ask Colorado solar installers how long this process usually takes on average.

What is your warranty policy on the installation?

A good solar company will have a clear warranty policy in its contract. They should offer a 25-year power performance warranty on the panels and a product or manufacturing warranty on the inverter.

The contract should also outline the electricity usage and solar output that you can expect. The installer will consider your home’s electricity usage and factors like plans to buy new appliances or electric vehicles.

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