Tips for Effective Time Management

Managing your time nowadays may be a drag, but you can get in control of it pretty easily. They say that healthy habits are detached in 21 days. Make small progress day by day by following the most important steps described in this article and don’t let time fly that easily from now on. Keep a keen eye on the following paragraphs, and apply these rules for effective time management.

Create a daily plan

Start managing your time in order! Take a pen and a paper and schedule your daily activities like working, gambling at Leo Vegas Casino, reading, going out with your friends, and so on. You can rank them from A – B – C – D. A is the most important activity, followed by B, C, D, etc. When you create your daily plan it’s highly recommended to do it one day before or in the morning.

After doing that, make sure to check each completed activity and follow them in order not to lose your time. You can even schedule daily breaks and create a convenient schedule. Always start with the first task and move to the other ones as you ranked it from the beginning. At first, this may look complicated but in time it will turn out to be a reflex.

While making your plan, write it down on your agenda, phone, laptop, or tablet. Though, it’s easier to keep track of your activities using technology. Note that you can even place reminders and alarms to make you remember the most important activities for that day.

Set an earlier deadline

Distraction may appear along the way and you may forget to accomplish your daily tasks. To avoid that, fix your own deadlines earlier. Trick your mind to believe that you deliver things on time, even if you do it early. Let’s say you are currently working on a project and the deadline is in one week from now.

Set a daily reminder and an alarm with the deadline 2 or 3 days before the project delivery. Send the project or finish your task faster, and take a few days off. Doing that you’ll just free your schedule and gain some free time for yourself. Watch movies, read books, learn or work for your next assignment, it’s that easy!

Organize your space

It is scientifically proven that working in a clean space increases your desire to learn, and complete assignments easier. Just like in architecture, a clean space will ease your mind and make you focus on yourself.

Start by cleaning out your study room, add some design elements and add light. For as long as a space is luminous and tidy, you’ll love working on your projects. It’s a necessary breath of fresh air that will set up your mind and attention to your goal. To be more effective, stay away from the bed and work only on your desk! Respect these rules and you’ll see a major improvement in time management.

Don’t multitask

Some people can complete lots of tasks in a day while others struggle with this. If you want to organize your time better, it’s recommended to stay away from multitasking. You can do that only if you know and believe you can finish all the tasks in time, without affecting your or the employer’s schedule. Each task should be top-notch!

If you are afraid that you can not manage this well, take one task at one time and complete it. Verify it before submitting it or using it for your personal needs, take a break and start the next assignment just like we described in “Create a daily plan”. Rank the activities, complete them in order, submit them earlier and you won’t have any problem! And that’s not all! Your time management skills will improve a lot.

Schedule breaks

Just like it is stated in the beginning of this article, do not forget to schedule breaks. One of the most effective methods to be efficient is to study for 40-50 minutes and take a small break of 10-15 minutes to rewind for a bit.

Also approximate how much time the following task will take and decide how long to relax in order to complete your assignments. You can take a small nap, listen to some music, eat a snack, cook or go out with your pet. It’s up to you! Remember not to overdo yourself and always take a break when it’s necessary!


Try to add these steps little by little, and transform them in your daily routine. Once you learn how easy it is to get in control of your time, your professional and personal life will be in perfect balance. Even if it’s harder at the beginning, with time you’ll get used to schedule the daily activities.

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