Things to Look Out for When Choosing Launceston Wedding Venues

Congratulations on your engagement! We know that you are excited and can’t wait for the big day. But you need to make plans for the wedding and that brings us to talking about how to choose a wedding venue. So, if you are looking for a place to say “I do” in Launceston, you are in the right place because we will give you tips on things to look out for in those venues.

You may wonder, “What else should I look for in wedding venues apart from my budget?” Well, while cost is a very major consideration, there are more things to take note of and we will be looking at them in this article.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Some of the things to consider are:

1. The Available Space

This may be obvious, but it is an important point to consider when it concerns wedding venues. Ensure that the space or the room is big enough for the guests on your list. When the place is empty, it may look really large.

But imagine having wedding essentials such as the bar, buffet, tables, chairs, the DJ setup or the band, and the dance arena. They will quickly fill up the space and your guests still need some room to move around freely. The ideal way to know if the space will be suitable for the kind of wedding you want is to attend a wedding there. This occasion should have a guest list that is similar to yours.

However, if you want to hold the wedding in a place that is special to you, say your mother’s garden or a favorite bar, then you will work backward. You will tailor the list of guests to suit the venue you choose. You can click here to find out how to create a wedding guest list.

2. The Partying, Eating, and Drinking Areas

Logically, there must be spots in the venue for guests to dance, mingle, drink, and eat. When you stand in the available space, make a mental note of where each of those activities would take place. You may feel cramped if a place is tiny when divided into sections.

Furthermore, if the shape of the place looks odd such as an S shape it could compromise the flow of your party. Your wedding planner can help you to map out the space if that will pose any trouble. You also have to take note of obstructions or positions of columns in the space. Check if it will obstruct your guests from viewing the dance arena, where the speeches would be read, or the cake platform.

3. Privacy

This varies from venue to venue, depending on the importance you and your partner place on the subject. If you want a daytime party in public places such as botanical gardens, beaches, or parks, get ready to accommodate strangers. They may wave, smile, and come over to offer good wishes to you. So, if you would be comfortable with that, go ahead and book the venue.

On the contrary, you can go for a more isolated place like the lawn in a golf course or a privately owned estate. This caveat is not only for outdoor events. Hotels and banquet halls hold multiple events at the same time. If you do not want your guests to be disturbed by sounds from nearby parties, you can schedule your event when there will not be any event next door.

But if that is impossible, you can try to visit the venue when different parties are being hosted. This will avail you the opportunity to find out whether there is sound interference and other challenges before you decide on the venue.

On the other hand, you can rent a space in a gallery or a restaurant, so the party can be restricted to only your guests. Find out if security is available to keep off wedding crashers.

4. Lighting

Light is one of the design elements that can make the mood in a space to be lively or dull. If the wedding will hold during the day, ensure that the room has several windows. No one will enjoy spending long hours in the dark when there is sunlight outside; it’s a wedding, not a prison yard.

Even if you want to have an evening event, ensure that there is adequate light in the room. You can control the lighting for different moods – the couple’s entrance, dancing, and dinner. If the event will hold outdoors at dusk, you can strategically place candles or any other lighting option.

To be sure that the venue has quality lighting, you can visit the site around the time you have chosen to hold your event. The space may look romantic with candlelight, but the appearance of an outdated carpet may surprise you during the day. So, if you check out the venue at night, you will miss seeing the way the sunlight streams through the windows and transforms the space.

You can check out to find tips on wedding lighting.

5. Adequate Parking Space

Ensure the venue is close to a garage, parking lot, or a big and safe empty street where parking is legal. But if this will pose any problem, you can devise a means to bring everyone to your event. You can hire vans or shuttle buses. If inadequate parking space is an issue, you may have to spend extra money and time to get alternative transportation.

6. Appropriate Bathrooms

This is an important factor because your guests need to relieve themselves after eating and drinking. Ensure you check out the available restrooms in the venue to know if they are enough for the population you are expecting. You also want to ensure that they are clean. If you need an ADA-compliant bathroom, you have to confirm that they are available in the venue.


Your wedding day is supposed to be a memorable one and you do not want anything to ruin it. So, before you decide on any venue, ensure it has everything you need to make you and your guests comfortable.

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