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The 10 types of lips: how are yours?

What do your lips say about you? It is obvious that we all have different factions, but perhaps you did not know that this could mean anything else. We share the types of lips.

The shape of the mouth says a lot about our personality and the true spirit we contain.

So it’s time to stop before the mirror and observe your lips in great detail. Then, identify the types of lips in this list and look for how yours are. Surely you will feel quite reflected with the description of each one.

What do your lips say about you?

The shape of the lips could reveal personality traits. For many years morphopsychology has studied the relationship between the physical aspects of people and their relationship with certain psychological generalities.

The result of the studies of these disciplines is surprising and, although it does not have a great scientific endorsement, many people feel reflected by this knowledge.

The 10 types of lips

For this reason, we list here the types of lips that are according to morphopsychology. In this way, you can discover how many types of lips there are, how are yours and what they say about you.

1. Slimtypes of lips

The thin lips at the top and bottom belong to perfectionists. A thin mouth says of a person who is persevering, with a lot of determination, faces problems and is also very perfectionist, according to these studies that try to find a correlation between physical traits and personality.

The lips are thin and even the general shape of the mouth tends to be elongated. Even a little tight. It is usually in tune with the rest of the face, which seems somewhat rigid and very stylized.

2. Thicktypes of lips

A mouth with thick lips shows a very empathetic person. When the mouth is naturally bulky and even stands out a little from the rest of the facial features, we are surely facing a very human person with a lot of empathy.

In addition, it has protective characteristics. They are usually very paternal or maternal. They are very confident and have an innate and natural sensuality. Regularly these are very physically attractive people since in our culture fleshy lips are usually considered as more beautiful.


3. Pronounced Cupid Bowtypes of lips

The part of the top tip of the lips is known as cupid’s bow. We all have it but there are people who have it very marked. This characteristic feature is typical of people with a lot of creativity.

In addition, they usually have a good memory and certain social skills. They have a very agile mind and are usually impulsive and spontaneous. This physical detail may be in combination with other features of thin or thick lips.

4. Lower lip different from the uppertypes of lips

When the thickness of the lips is different we can see that it is about daring people. It may be that the upper lip is noticeably thicker or thinner than the lower. When this happens we are in front of curious people and without fear of the new.

However, these are also somewhat naive people who trust people too much. It does not seem to be a very common type of lip, so it is very original and uninhibited people.

5. Arc shape

If the extremities of the lips are inclined, it is a cheerful person. This inclination is slight but noticeable. The limbs are tilted mainly upwards, giving a perception of an eternal smile even when they are serious.

They are people full of life and optimism. They are sociable, outgoing and full of joy. It infects those around them and is wanted by many people to get their mood and happiness.

6. Indefinite Cupid Bow

An undefined cupid arch regularly accompanies medium or thin lips. These are people who can be fully trusted. Even, sometimes, other people abuse too much of this confidence that they offer.

In addition, they have a very responsible personality, face life and problems in a very mature way. However, they are very emotionally delivered to people who tend to get hurt.

7. Medium thickness

People with medium thickness lips are very stable people. If you do not see lips that are too wide, if the cupid arch is not very marked or faded, that is, the shape of the mouth is normal, then they are balanced and stable. It is one of the best types of lips.

While they are people who are not very happy to take risks, it is also true that they are highly reliable because of their emotional stability. They also have a lot of self-control and like to listen and support those around them.

8. Stretched or widetypes of lips

If the lips are stretched or elongated, it is likely that we are facing a tolerant person. When the shape of the mouth looks very elongated to the sides, somewhat larger in proportion to the rest of the face, then it is a person who accepts diversity.

There is no problem to relate to people who have a life or even an ideological position different from yours. They are open-minded and willing to learn new things, in addition to being naturally talented.

9. Thick to the center

The thickest lip shape in the center belongs, on average, to artistic people. They are outgoing in nature, they like to be the center of attention, they have a talent for activities related to artistic expression.

It is about intense people. The dramatic situations are lived with great intensity, but in the same way, happy moments live them with joy and infect those around them. They have egotistical and narcissistic tendencies.

10. Directed down

Lips that are perceived inclined downwards show a strong character. They are rapt and energetic people. They like to be leaders and have people under their command. However, there is also a rebellious personality.


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